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Benefits Of Switching To Dynamic Mobile Forms For Field Service


Roughly 45% of field service professionals report that their tools are too slow, though about 52% are still using manual methods. As the world becomes increasingly digital, many field service professionals have found that switching to dynamic mobile forms has helped them do their job better. 

Not only does it make life easier for field service professionals, but it also makes the company look more professional and helps them provide better services. The professional can easily pull up any documents and records required to carry out the job. 

Here are some of the key reasons why using a dynamic mobile form will help increase efficiency, reduce headaches, and help you provide a better service.

Automatically Updates Your Data

When a field service professional scans a photo, data, or uploads a signature through a mobile form, that data is automatically sent to your CRM system and all other data collection tools. This makes data highly accessible for all team members and helps eliminate busy work in the office. 

It also makes it easier for other employees to pull up past records. About 54% of field service professionals claim that accessing a pre-visit review of service history is one of the top problems they encounter while serving clients. A dynamic mobile form can help solve this.

Reduces Human Error

With any manual process, even the best of employees can make mistakes. This can range from sloppy handwriting leading to misinterpreted notes and files being misplaced to information being recorded and reported incorrectly. With mobile forms, information is auto-populated, making it more difficult for these common manual errors to arise. 

All forms are also stored in the same place which helps reduce the risk of files being misplaced. While manual files can be easily and unintentionally destroyed, mobile forms can be backed up to your cloud which makes client information more secure.

Eliminates Wait Time 

Many forms have to be sent back to the office to be approved by other team members before they can be sent to the client.

Using a dynamic mobile form will wow your customers when they get their requested information back in hours while your competition would have taken days to return the same information. In fact, 89% of clients want to see their field service providers using on-demand technology and they’re even willing to pay a premium for it.

Mobile forms eliminate any shipping downtime and give you a competitive edge.

Increases Compliance

Your company likely has some compliance requirements it must adhere to, so you absolutely must have accurate data for reporting and monitoring. With manual documents and Excel entry, this can be quite risky and could land you in some serious legal trouble. 

Mobile forms, on the other hand, can be stored in the cloud and makes reporting and monitoring a breeze. 


Using dynamic mobile forms for your field service professionals has an impact on revenue. Clients will view you as a more reputable source that can quickly return and transfer any information and easily pull up records with the click of a button. It also helps you reduce costs as employees would otherwise have to devote more time to unnecessary busy work such as manually monitoring systems and reporting. If you’re trying to find a tool that will help you reduce 80% of your headaches and only take up 20% of your time, try dynamic mobile forms.

About the Author

Marc Tatarsky is the Senior Vice President of Marketing at FieldAware. Tatarsky is a Global Multifaceted Marketing Leader who delivers consistent and measurable increases in market value, global brand awareness, and growth of new offerings. Passionate about identifying what impedes an organization from success, Tatarsky uses a strategic, marketing, and business development focus to fix it.

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