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What is Email Remarketing and How to Use it to Your Advantage


The process of persuading customers to choose your brand and purchase your products over others is a demanding operation. And even when business owners manage to grasp people’s attention and attract them to their websites, the majority of those visitors who commence a purchase do not even finish it. Therefore, what is needed here is a reminder that they might want to return onsite. This is where email remarketing steals the show.

Email Collection

The most important feature of remarketing is not the template email. What matters most is having your customers’ email addresses. Because of that, you have to launch and govern a committed, long-term campaign of collecting those addresses.

The most important of it all is to drive new visitors to register on your website. However, forget about pop-up forms and similar aggressive tools. Such techniques have proven to be off-putting solutions, boosting bounce rates, rather than contributing to a higher registration turnout.

Instead of that, add a registration button to every page on the website and let the visitors decide when to register. Applying force is a futile effort because the content is the key player here. If it is well-planned, you will increase the conversion rate, collecting hundreds of email addresses in no time.

Check out Point and Remarketing

Every purchase consists of several stages. First and foremost, the content of the website will either seduce or repel the visitors. In line with that, the former group will continue searching the site, looking for things they might buy. This process is similar to going around a shopping mall, window shopping, but much more efficient. Finally, when a customer finds the desired item, they expect a smooth and quick checkout. If this stage meets their expectations, the purchase will be ended successfully.

However, coming across difficulties will affect their patience and they will probably abandon their shopping cart. Such a marketing emergency calls for a swift remarketing action.

Setting the Trigger Features

Remarketing is not as simple as it sounds. The problem is that you often do not know what made your customers give up their purchases. It does not have to be related to your website at all (e.g. their phone rang). This is why an option of saving a shopping cart is essential for e-commerce websites. Still, the act of leaving a website has to be followed up by a set of actions launched by the website management team.

Therefore, it is vital to set several email triggers, i.e. mechanisms that will send an email message with a specific offer after a customer has performed a certain operation on the website. For instance, the email can be sent if they spend more than 5 minutes on your website or if they have already loaded their cart and simply abandoned the website. The trigger feature will automatically launch sending an email to such customers, convincing them to return to the site and proceed with their purchase.

Improving the Service

Although the steps described in the previous paragraph might sound simple to business people adept at using cutting-edge Internet features, less skillful entrepreneurs will need more time to master them. First of all, you need to include the shipping costs at the very beginning of the purchase process if you are eager to improve your sales. That way the customers will immediately know whether or not they can afford a product.

In addition to that, make sure the buyers are informed on the payment gateways they can use on your website before they start the purchase.

Finally, include sophisticated remarketing tools in your website support. For instance, a customer retrieving email remarketing software can rescue purchases, increase your revenue and improve your business results.


Using emails to win back the customers that have left your website in the middle of something is an affordable and time-saving (re)marketing method. Always make sure that those emails always contain some shopper-friendly additional features, like coupons for new purchases or even discounts on the existing product. This will show your customers they have a special treatment, showing them that you want to establish a long-lasting, win-win collaboration with them.

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