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Nigerian Tech Company Creates A Security Mobile App To Track Stolen Phones


To control the frequent report of the occurrence of phone theft, -E.F. Network Ltd has taken the lead to develop a mobile software that maintains phone privacy and protects the content and data stored in the phone. The mobile app is designed to restrict unauthorized users to gain access to the phone, preventing thieves from selling a stolen phone; the software is also designed with amazing features suitable for other kinds of gadgets.

Since thieves have devised a means of maneuvering the default security pre-installed in mobile phones to gain access, the Nigerian tech company had to develop the ‘ephonetaxi’; the mobile app that equips the cellphone with extra security to curb phone theft.

-E.F. Network Ltd public relations officer, Mr Ameh Ochojila told the press at their tech center in Abuja that as new models or versions of mobile phones are released seasonally, it also increases the rate at which mobile theft is practiced since there is a method of decrypting the pre-installed security that protects the phone. He also encouraged mobile phone users to install the ‘ephonetaxi’ to experience mobile security at its peak that makes the mobile phone unstable and whenever it has been stolen; this effect makes thieves unable to sell a phone, which further reduces the rate at which theft happens.

He said: “The application ‘ephonetaxi’ helps to lock out anyone who is unauthorized to use the phone, making it unusable and unsellable. The application helps retrieve and send the user’s stored content to his/her email.”

Mr. Ameh also noted that the ephonetaxi security mobile application is twice as effective, as it does not only restrict unauthorized users but it is also designed with a backup feature that secures the accumulated data stored in the phone from being compromised. For instance, whenever a thief wrongfully possesses a phone and tries to decrypt its security, they intend to delete all the information to refurbish the phone to pass as a new one.

However, ephonetaxi as a mobile security app counters this process as it is designed to recover the data then forwards it to the email address registered with the phone or the app. The app is also designed to permit the real owner the access to remotely track the Phone with useful information such as the face ID of the criminal and the current location of the phone will also be sent to the email of the owner. 

He said: “It also locks the phone, prevents either unauthorized access to stored pictures, videos, messages, or contacts of the phone owner. The app alerts the phone owner of any change in SIM card, monitors, and tracks the phone location including taking pictures of criminals in possession of the phone and sending the pictures to the email address of the owner.”

 “The owner can do all these remotely in spite of the phone being lost or stolen. Once a phone is locked remotely by the owner, buying it will be a mere waste of money,” Mr. Ameh added.

-E.F. Network Ltd Chairman, Mr. Gideon Egbuchulam said that ePhonetaxi is designed especially for Nigerians as the country has seen high incidents of phone theft and it is not related to phone theft alone but other property. In this case, the app can also be used to track down kidnappers too, another crime that is on the rise. He also mentioned that the platform will create job opportunities as his tech company launches a tech center in Abuja that intends to recruits professional youngsters who are into the Information-Technology, IT field.

Mr. Gideon said: “Given enabling environment, Nigerian youths will take Nigeria to the next Silicon Valley in Africa. Almost all giant tech companies in the world are interested in the Nigerian market and that is the reason our company is recruiting over 1000 people by the end of 2020 to support talented youths.”

ephonetaxi is that mobile app that controls theft happenings in Nigeria and across the world, as it is already a norm for Nigerians to buy and sell phones shipped from overseas some of which may be stolen as well.

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