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Facebook’s Small Village Plan; A place To Live, Connect , Work And Play !!!


When the CEO of Facebook talk about creating and building a community for all , we didn’t have the slightest idea the kind of community he meant we thought  he was finding a way to reach everyone in the world by bring them close but there again he has something else in mind a place where we can live together, connect, work and play together.

The social media company on Friday made its intention known toward the  expansion of its  headquarters in Menlo park, California by building a small community of over 1500 apartments grocery, retail and office  space which will be called the Willow Campus.

Facebook representative in its announcement said “Part of our vision is to create a neighborhood center that provides long-needed community services. We plan to build 125,000 square feet of new retail space, including a grocery store, pharmacy and additional community-facing retail,”

The representative also made mentioned that campus apartments will be open to all prospective tenants and it will be made public to any interested person not just Facebook workers alone but the office space will be for social media purposes. The company will make its plans known to the Menlo park officials and it’s expect and hopes the first phrase of the project will be done or almost done by 2021.

Wouldn’t you rather want to live in a place where you can connect, work, play with lots of people? I will not down the offer because it will fun and connectivity in a totally different level. This is another one from Facebook yet again dropping the bombshell at us every single time.

Can’t wait to unwrap the next package they have for us.

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