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Lawyers In Trouble? Robot Lawyer Will Help Solve Over 1000 Legal Cases For Free!!


John so lost in thought thinking of the how to get a lawyer to plead his case in front of the judge after he has worked for 5 years in a construction firm and was unjustly sacked for not coming to work after he has send his medical report to the company and yet again he was fired. With no compensation , no money , no part payment for the days he worked as broke as he is, he needs a lawyer and Lawyers are expensive to hire.. fast forward to the present he met someone who told him of the Donotpay robotic lawyer which will help  solve  over 1000 legal issues for free amazing right?? This cheered him and gave him a reason to smile knowing that he will have a better chance in pleading his case on his unjustly sack from work to the judge with the help of a bots lawyer for an absolutely free price.

Earlier today Wednesday the 11th of July ,  the legal aid chat box Donotpay made an amazing announcement on how it will be having massive expansion in which over 1000 legal issues will be tackle and solved and it will be entirety for free and it will cover all workplace right, customer and consumer right , parking tickets, report a workplace harassment or a refugees who wants to apply for asylum and  a lot of other issues. It will be soon be available in over 50 states and countries.

In an interview the founder and creator of the Donotpay lawyer Joshua Browder says “The expansion is into consumer rights, from fighting your landlord to getting a refund when something isn’t delivered on time, “I think businesses should be forced to treat consumers better, and consumer rights bots will hopefully change that.” With this bots a lot on the treatment of people unfairly and unjustly will be on a reduced rate and the poor can finally have a say.

These robot lawyer will mostly the benefit the low income workers whose rights have been violated and can’t afford a real lawyer to plead their case because they are expensive and with this bots is a way of people actually standing up for themselves and doing the right things without been charged for it.

The visual bots helps give the best  possible options answers to questions on  legal cases and how best they can be solved and also provide non profit aid outside and also pro Bono presentation or avene for actions for serious cases and it gives direct response to user’s question to make them feel comfortable and is user friendly

The bots Donotpay was created by John Browder a London born, a students of stanford after he had a parking ticket issues and couldn’t afford a lawyer in his words he has  witnessed how many lawyers “exploit human misery” for profit, especially impacting low-income people. This became the reason he created the bots to help fight for the right of poor citizens of the country.

This will help the lower income earners get equal right and stand up for themselves as richest in the society, and also stop the lawyers who extort money from the poor just for a case not worth the amount they are billing on the clients. The bots can’t solves all cases but it can’t start with this baby steps and achieve so much more.

To all low earners with one case or the other and can’t afford a real lawyer this bots can put a smile on your face and get the job done for free, so get the bots on and start using them because is time to solve those pending cases and get justice for them.

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