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Flutter Or Swift, Which Is A Better Option For iOS App Development?


Hybrid app development is the flavor that is prevalent in the modern age of mobile app development companies. The reason behind the increase in the usage of hybrid app development can be plenty. For example, the modern age organizations are looking to develop the app across all the leading mobile OS platform. Moreover, startups these days have budget and time constraints to build a mobile app. Thus hybrid app development becomes the most feasible option.

The rise in demand for hybrid app development has led to the increased usage of the Flutter framework in comparison to the Native iOS or Swift app development framework. But we can’t deny the fact that there is a vast majority of native iOS app development. Thus it becomes essential for the organizations to understand the requirement of the mobile app before opting for the framework.

Therefore, before going deep into the technicalities about the framework, let us first understand about Swift and Flutter mobile app development language.

What is Swift?

Swift is one of the leading programming languages used in the process of Native iOS app development.It is a dynamic programming language by Apple which is safe, fast-paced. Apple is doing continuous innovations in the app development programming language as each version of Swift is coming with a valued addition making life easy for the app developers. There are better toolsets, framework, and documentation in the Swift programming language that makes it easier for the iOS app developers to experiment and be creative during the app development process. 

Swift programming language has played a significant part in making the native iOS app development process interesting. It is the reason why elite iOS developers are always searching for new opportunities while developing the mobile app with Swift.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is an open-source and multi-platform mobile SDK that is launched by Google. Google developed Flutter with the sole focus of enabling mobile app developers to develop apps for both iOS and Android using a single code. It has excellent documentation and uses Dart programming language to develop mobile apps across iOS and Android with ease and precision. Although Flutter may seem similar to React Native, it has the complete support of the Native Features.

Swift understands that every mobile app requires unique things, and this is where the programming language fits well nicely. Moreover, Flutter has emerged as a smart language and is highly efficient in making profound iOS mobile apps. Thus, it becomes quite obvious to make a comparison between Swift and Flutter.

Mobile app development speed

While working with Swift, the iOS mobile app developers can easily keep track of time spent in the app development process. Swift has commands like Xcode build or Xcode to help the developers to keep an eye on the time. Moreover, Swift app development programming language is the fastest for Native iOS app development.

As far as Flutter is concerned, similar kind of commands are available that can check the time taken to develop the app. The pace at which Flutter develops native iOS apps is slower than Swift. But as you get through the initial stages of app development, Flutter picks up speed in the latter stages. The pace of mobile app development remains slower until it crosses the threshold of initial builds.

Process of getting inline

When Swift is used to develop iOS apps with native tools, the IDE is Xcode . Xcode has the basic development kit, which is useful for iOS app development. Installing Xcode is essential in the MacOS device to install the mobile app development kit. 

Flutter requires the installation of Xcode along with the Flutter binary to get the iOS app development underway. Moreover, the app developers can look for other options such as IntelliJ IDEA and Android Studio. Besides, it is easier for the app developers to install Swift as compared to Flutter as the latter one requires may too much configuration as compared to the first one.

Also, as Flutter is a newbie as compared to Swift programming languages, there are fewer development resources available of Flutter.

Mobile app reloading

Reloading is essential as the app developers can reflect on their work and make the changes in real-time. This process allows the developers to develop the app faster and also do a precise evaluation of their work.

If you are working with Swift, you need to make various changes in the data, accessibility, and button names. Moreover, you should take care that the device reflects all the modifications. Swift takes more than 10 seconds to reflect the changes made by the iOS app developer. 

Flutter has a feature named ‘Hot Reload, ‘ which allows the developer to see the changes within a couple of seconds.This makes it easier to update the changes in the simulator. Flutter is way ahead in terms of providing the speed to make changes in the app code.

CI and Development

Continuous Integration, i.e., CI and development, are very crucial components in increasing the speed of iOS mobile app development with a responsive and proactive approach. AlthoughXcode is fully capable of ensuring the fact that there is constant integration and delivery of iOS apps, it often happens that it lacks stability. Despite introducing Bodybuild, Apple has not been able to eradicate this shortcoming of the Swift programming language fully.

On the other hand, with Nevercode, Flutter has revealed a whole new Codemagic CI/CD platform for the app developers. With Nevercode built Codemagic solution, the process of detection, testing, processing, and developing the app becomes easier with zero configurations.

Documentation and Testing

When it comes to testing, Swift, coupled with Native iOS development, is the best possible combination. Otherwise, if you are working with Swift alone, it has several shortcomings. The critical testing process, such as snapshot tests, data-driven testing, and grouping of the test are not available.

Flutter packs a punch when it comes to documentation and testing, as it has a robust testing system. Flutter guides the mobile app developers during the testing process, which begins from the unit testing level up to the UI level. Flutter is a prominent framework for fast-paced documentation, and there are various examples of usage of Flutter testing at multiple levels. In standalone app elements, too, the app developer has a widget that is profound and fast.

Wrapping Up

After going through all the prominent aspects of Native iOS app development, we can say that Flutter edges past Swift, although just a little. Swift still is the most preferred programming language for Native iOS app development. In the coming years, we can expect Flutter to grow more and Swift to still remain the prominent force in the iOS mobile app development realm.

Author Details:

Name: Ashish Parmar

My Offical Twitter Id: https://twitter.com/AshishHParmar

My Official LinkedIn Id:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/ashish0084/

Bio:Ashish Parmar is the CEO of Prismetric- one of the reliable mobile app development companies. He is an enthusiastic entrepreneur who is interested in discussing new app ideas and rich gadget tricks and trends. He admires and readily embraces signature tech business styles. He enjoys learning modern app crafting methods and exploring smart technologies and is passionate about writing his thoughts, too. Inventions related to mobile and software technology inspire Ashish and he likes to inspire the like-minded community through the finesse of his work.

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