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Founder Of Modern Day Email Dies


The founder of modern day email Raymond Tomlinson died on Saturday. We say modern day email because the email as a service was available before his invention in 1971. Before this time, electronic messaging could only b shared among people within a limited a network but Mr Tomlinson created the first network person-to-person email which now allowed messages to be sent to specific addresses. So he is largely credited with the “@” you see today in emails. Raytheon Co. was his employer and on Sunday confirmed his death in a statement which reads

“It is with great sadness we acknowledge the passing of our colleague and friend,Ray Tomlinson. A true technology pioneer, Ray was the man who brought us email in the early days of networked computers.,” Raytheon said in a statement. “His work changed the way the world communicates and yet, for all his accomplishments, he remained humble, kind and generous with his time and talents, He will be missed by one and all.”


He was born in Amsterdam, New York in 1941.

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