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Apple’s Future iPhones Could Feature Cameras Higher Than 12 Megapixels


What is the first thing you check when you want to buy a phone? Most people will check the camera first because they are picture lovers, to take lots of selfies and full pictures to capture every moment. Yeah they will check the camera Megapixel of any phone. Once that’s done, other phone parts will be checked properly too before paying for it.

Apple Inc., made an announcement of its plans to increase their future camera resolution to a higher one. This is according to a new report by Digitimes and it claims that Apple has already started the booking of the production capacity for megapixel lens modules above 12 at a new factory in Taiwan, which is being built by Largan Precision.

The report by Digitimes also added that only Largan met Apple’s yield rate requirements for the production of over 600 million lens modules monthly and the production will start in October 2017. It also quoted in the report that the CEO, Lin En Ping explained that the more smartphone manufacturers are moving forward with the dual lens camera, larger aperture size and 3D sensing, the greater the demand and need for the production of more modules to fit the needs of their clients.

However, the iPhone camera is an important part of the phone and Apple Inc. is doing all it can to give its customers the best and make them long for more features. Therefore, the 16MP or higher shouldn’t be in the distant future as the preparation process has already started. But for now, the iPhone 8 and iPhone 7S Plus will have stick to the 12 megapixel although Apple iPhone 8 is still set to launch next week alongside iPhone 7S plus, Apple TV with 4K Resolution and lots more. The iPhone 8 will be called iPhone X to mark the 10th iPhone Anniversary next week the 12 of September 2017, in Steve Jobs Theatre situated in the new Apple ‘Spaceship’ headquarters.

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