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WhatsApp To Get A New Business App And Here’s What It Means For Users


Oh yeah, its revenue generation time for WhatsApp which now has over one billion users. The company is making plans to create a new WhatsApp business app for its users with small enterprises and also figuring out ways to fit the larger scale enterprise in the picture.

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, WhatsApp chief operating officer Matt Idema explained that in the future, the company will charge the large scale enterprise but there is no exact model that had been put in place to that effect until all testing of the app is completed and approved.

Matt Idema went further to explain how the App will work and what it will mean for its users, below are some of the mostly asked questions by users and the answers to them.

How will businesses and enterprises appear on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp Inc. is putting out plans and ways to make allow WhatsApp users have a verified business profile for their official business and as can be seen even today, BookMyshow have a profile on WhatsApp already as they were one of the early partners involved in the app testing. The app will be free and for small business owners which will contain customer service number, address of the company, website link, etc., for all verified profiles.

How will WhatsApp for business work?

WhatsApp Inc., has explained that users will be notified on the app in case they order anything from Flipkart, Amazon or any e-commerce website, book a flight or even a train as long as these businesses ordered or booked from are on WhatsApp, the user will get regular updates in order to help track their order directly from the comfort of their WhatsApp business App.

When will the application be made available to the public?

The release date for this app has not be made known though but the company has explained that they are in the testing phase and is working on a free version of the WhatsApp for businesses. They have limited number of enterprises available for the testing so it seems the app might take a while before it rolls out officially to all users around the world.

Why is WhatsApp doing this?

 WhatsApp has about 1.3 billion users, the company has not really made money for Facebook which bought it for about $19b back in 2014.  But with the new service, the company will find a way to monetise the app in order to raise revenue eventually.

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