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Google’s Messaging App Allo Now Has A Web Version And Here’s How To Use It


Google launched a messaging app which is similar to WhatsApp and it’s called Allo last year but until now it was just a mobile app but Google now says the service will be available for Chrome on desktop and on android but will not available for the iPhone but promises to make the app available for all iOS users.

Nick Fox, Google‘s VP of communication products explained using a screenshot of the desktop web app for the Google Allo, Fox has posted same image when it was been tested as a reminder of the launch in the nearest future and now it seems the nearest future is right here as the app is now good to go and ready to go live for Chrome users on desktop and android and more anticipation for the iOS users.

How the Google Allo works!!

 To use the app on web, you need have an android smartphone or an already installed Google Chrome browser on your computer. Once you have done that, follow the steps below;

Step1: Go to allo.google.com/web on the PC.
Step 2: Fire up the Allo app on the smartphone.
Step 3: Open the menu and look for “Allo for web” icon.
Step 4: Scan the QR code displayed on the PC.

That’s it! You can start using the Allo app on the browser, Google Allo on the web having similarities to WhatsApp’s web version as well. The app is a platform for chatting, sharing photos and stickers but the unique feature is the use of Google assistant- (which can be called by simply entering @google in the app), the feature helps to quickly suggest replies so you don’t have to type out a full message yourself, another plus to the app is its ability to suggest best restaurants nearby, weather reports etc. based on your chat conversations.

Google has launched Other Apps such as Hangouts, Duo and YouTube Chat which was created just for its users to communicate with their loved ones and friends and all these apps are available of course on iOS and other mobile operating systems as well.  

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