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Google Is Making It Easier To Spot Phishing Emails


Google wants to make it easier for you to protect yourself against phishing attempts. Gmail for Android is getting a feature that will show a pop up when you click a suspicious link in an email. Safer Links in Gmail on AndroidThe pop up will warn you of the dangers of following through on what’s on the other side of the link. Google announced this in a post on its G Suite blog.

Google adds that “While not all affected email will necessarily be dangerous, we encourage you to be extra careful about clicking on links in messages that you’re not sure about. And with this update, you’ll have another tool to make these kinds of decisions.”

That said, you have the option to proceed even after the warning should you wish to continue. After all, not all those links may be harmful but its advised that you only click on links from accounts you may be familiar with.

One of the easiest ways for a malware to be sent into your device is by making you click on a link unawares and from there, you involuntarily grant hackers access to all your devices.

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