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Google Has Made Some Mild But Cool Changes To Photos


Google made some notable changes to Photos last week by making all features more accessible. Your images now occupy a much bigger space on your screen but while that may be so, they have also made the search bar more pronounced as well to make search easier.

Google says since users like looking at old photos, it has now made the Memories bar more prominent. Google is using its AI power to not just show you your own old photos but those of trips, friends and family. There is also a map view in Memories as well.

But it’s not everything in Memories that you want to be reminded of even if you don’t want to delete them entirely. A new update to Photos allows you to now hide specific periods of people from Memories. This means you don’t have to be reminded of photos of departed loved ones and only if you want to see them would you see them. This can go a long way in healing broken hearts whether it be those exes or loved ones.

What the map view does is that it allows you to see photos you have taken on a map at a particular location. This is so that users don’t have to remember each location where they took a photo. Photos will simply tell you where it was taken and when.

Lastly, Google has made a slight update to Photos logo. the squared-off edges are no longer there, the shadowed area are also gone. Some wonder whether Google changed the logo because people said the old one looked like that of Slack’s. Well we don’t know but the new one was welcome by many online.

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