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Heard of TV White Space? Well it is being embraced in some African countries now


TV white spaces are gradually becoming a subject of attention with several institutions investing heavily in this research area. Even Google has taken an interest in this. White spaces are usually unused frequencies within a licensed spectrum and since white spaces travel on low frequency, signals can travel over a long distance. These spaces can be explored for broadband services which is much needed in African countries.

tv white space

African nations are not exempt from this as several countries like South Africa, Ghana, Tanzania have all started exploring this technology. According to IT web Africa, The technology has been rolled out by Microsoft and other partners in countries such as Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana and South Africa. Microsoft will collaborate with the Botswana Innovation Hub, the Botswana-UPenn Partnership (BUP), Global Broadband Solutions, Vista Life Sciences, BoFiNet, Adaptrum and USAID-NetHope.

According to Microsoft the project will provide internet connectivity and telemedicine services to local hospitals and clinics, which will enable access to specialised medicine in Gaborone and other locations around the world.

As it stands, this is an interesting research field for interested Tech minds.

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