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5 Hotel Mobile Marketing Tips To Get More Reservations


If you are running a hotel, then the key to success is getting more reservations. More reservations translate to higher revenue and profitability. Hoteliers need marketing to increase reservations. Of the various marketing strategies, mobile marketing is one of the popular strategies. The use of mobile phones is widespread and mobile marketing is less intrusive making it an ideal option to use for marketing activities.

The following are 5 mobile marketing tips for hoteliers to use to help them increase their reservations and thus get more business.

  1. Allow for easy online booking

Customers prefer making hotel reservations online. They no longer want to call the hotel and do it offline. Hotels need to have a good website that is user-friendly. The website should allow for online booking. The process must be easy and there must be advantages to booking rooms online. Trends show clearly that more than 55% of people use their mobile phones for internet browsing. What this clearly indicates is that a customer is likely to access your hotel website from their mobile phones.

It is important to make the website mobile friendly. This is the first mobile marketing tip. Mobile phone users should be able to browse the website easily without any glitches. Online reservations must be possible in a seamless way. You need to test your website to ensure that it is easy to access on all types of mobile phones and devices.

  1. Encourage customers to post content

Online success can happen not if an organization posts content but when customers do it. User content can increase your business prospects. Encourage your customers to post their photos taken in your hotel online. They can do it on review websites, on photo websites like Instagram, and on their social media pages. The photographs and descriptions by customers have a greater value than what you post. Anyone looking for a hotel would trust user content more. Establish your hotel’s presence on social media and use it effectively.

You can have an Instagram account where you share photos taken by your customers. You can encourage them to book online by providing a link from your Instagram page. Mobile users may prefer to use apps to access social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Sharing user content and allowing them to reserve online through a link from social media is the way to succeed.

  1. Use the power of online reviews

Online reviews are very important as they are seen by potential customers. Someone who wants to make a hotel booking would want to compare different hotels before making a booking. They would use online review sites like Tripadvisor or Google reviews to make a decision. When your customers post positive reviews on these sites it will help you increase your reservations. You need to encourage your customers to share their opinions on these sites.

In case there is a negative review, you must handle it proactively and solve the customer’s problems so that they can change the review rating. This is crucial as studies show that 80% people read 6 to 10 reviews before making a decision. You can provide a link to Tripadvisor reviews from your website and social media pages. This will allow your prospective customers to check out these reviews and post reviews.

  1. Create your own content

Apart from user content, you can also provide content. Create travel guides for your city/state/country. Create a fun travel guide, which provides valuable information for travelers. Your guide can help them plan their holiday. You can provide them information on places to see, things to do, culinary experiences, off-beat travel ideas, etc. This kind of content will become popular and it can help you win over customers.

  1. Use text message marketing effectively

Text message marketing is a powerful strategy in mobile marketing. You can send text messages to prospective guests informing them of offers and information regarding booking. These short messages provide information to prospective customers and can influence them to book at your hotel. You can use these messages to highlight unique aspects of your hotel and the services you offer. You can provide a link to your online reservation tool in the message.

It is not just for reservation but you can use text message marketing even when the customer is at your hotel. You can provide options for customers to avail of services by sending text messages. You can send them reminders about services offered, special menus, and alert them to check out timings. You can encourage them to provide reviews and sign up for loyalty programs.

The above tips can help hotelier’s use mobile marketing in the most effective way. This will help them target potential customers and increase reservations, thus helping them achieve their marketing goals.


Author info

I am Susan Raj, Marketing Head of TXTImpact provides Business Text Messaging products for marketing and support customers to increase your client base. Our Enterprise Text Message Marketing Platform designed for your business, allows marketers to communicate and engage customers on the go instantly.



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