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Huawei Beats Apple To Become Second Biggest Smartphone Vendor Globally


Sounds of drums and heavy celebration for the Chinese mobile phone vendor as history has been made as for the first time. The Chinese company Huawei beats Apple to become the second biggest smartphones vendor globally.

According to a report by Counterpoint Market pulse for July 2017, Huawei has been consistent in global sale of their smartphones from June to July and has surpassed the iPhone company in the global mobile sale and are now the second largest mobile phones vendor globally after Samsung.


There are strong indications that Huawei August and September sales will come out strong when the data is finally reported at the end of this quarter.  

Counterpoint Research Director Peter Richardson said that “Huawei’s success is attributed to its strong foothold in home market China, consistent investment in R&D and manufacturing as well as aggressive marketing”.

As explained by Richardson the position might be temporary considering the high anticipation of the new iPhones about to be released but as long as the Chinese company keeps growing and create a stronger presence in South Asian, Indian and North American markets and not been fully dependent on just their home market china, they might permanently maintain their second place after Samsung.

According to Counterpoint, Associate Director, Tarun Pathak, the Chinese smartphone brands have taken lead positions into key markets like China, Europe, Asia, and Latin America and because of this Samsung and Apple sales are been limited even as Huawei has won the hearts of these places and has gradually taken root in the market.  

Pathak also added that the “Chinese brands are growing swiftly thanks not only to smartphone design, manufacturing capability and rich feature sets, but also by outsmarting and out-spending rivals in sales channels, go-to-market and marketing promotion strategies employed by the Chinese mobile companies.


Apple and Samsung phones usually come at high price which has made them less attractive in emerging markets. Then new iPhone is expected to cost as much as $1,000 while Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 8 costs about $960. Perhaps the consolation for Apple is that its iPhone 7 and 7 Plus models haven’t lost momentum as they continue to be the best selling models in the world. 

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