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Leak: Huawei’s Third Foldable Device, Mate X2 Leaks Before its Launch Date


Evan Blass leaked the images of Huawei’s foldable Mate X2 before its official launch date on his social media platform, Voice.

Huawei announced its new model of foldable smartphone they dubbed “Mate X2” — the innovative design reflects its initial Mate X, the tech company launched in 2019.

In contrast to its rivalry Galaxy Fold-style dual-screen, the smart device is designed with a large screen that unfolds inwardly other than unfolding outwardly compared to Mate X, its original device. The Mate X design was supposed to rival Samsung foldable series out the market — Mate X had a bigger screen, folds flatter because it is thinner and weighs less.

Huawei designed its new Mate X2 to express flexibility — for instance, using Mate X2 while it folded, it has another screen positioned on the outside of the phone. According to experts, Huawei’s Mate X2 compatibility is closely related to Samsung foldable gadget concepts.

When Huawei launches its latest foldable Mate X2, it is likely not to be supported by Google’s services — Google apps will not function with the Mate X2 device. An Android device’s functionalities without Google’s Services will severely hinder the tech company’s appeal outside its domestic marketplace, China.


The Mate X2 is designed to autonomously function with EMUI 11.0 tier to Android 10’s functionality, in line with the manufacturer’s details on its website. Huawei also noted that by April, the Mate X2 would be amongst the new device to be pre-installed with its updated version of its operating system dubbed “HarmonyOS.”

Compared to its internal display screen, Samsung’s Galaxy foldable series sized 7.6 inches and 6.2 inches by its external display screen. While Huawei’s Mate X2 foldable series — is 8 inches big by its inner display screen with 2480 x 2200 screen resolution. The external display screen is sized 6.5 inches bigger, enabled with 2700 x 1160 screen resolution.

According to the manufacturer, Mate X2’s screen is OLED proof, and its refresh speed is rated at 90Hz. Huawei’s flagship chip supplier, Kirin 9000 chip, powered its latest foldable device model. Kirin 9000 chip processor is the same chip the manufacturer used as the processor to debut the previous Mate 40 Pro Huawei released in 2020.

Huawei’s foldable Mate X2 functionalities have a slightly higher upgrade to its previous device model and its rival’s. Mate X2 is built with an 8GB RAM size, and the battery capacity weighs 4,400mAh — the fast-charge rate is up to 55W per minute.

Mate X2 is built with four autonomous cameras at the rear of the phone and accessibility to the “Super Zoom” camera concept. Super Zoom — the 50-megapixel wide-angle, the 16-megapixel ultra-angle, the 12-megapixel telephoto with times three optical zoom camera accessibility, and the 8 megapixel Super Zoom with times ten visual zoom camera accessibility.

The outside of the phone has the 16-megapixel resolution for the selfie camera — the manufacturer did not place the selfie camera around or in Mate X2 inner screen.

According to the manufacturer, Mate X2 is the third release by Huawei in its foldable series. Mate XS with the Kirin 990 chip processor was the second in Huawei’s foldable series. Mate XS chip-enabled faster processor compared to Mate X, Huawei’s first foldable model.

Evan Blass leaked Mate X2 before they officially launched in China. According to the manufacturer, the price tags of its foldable devices range according to their internal storage size — Mate X2’s 256GB internal memory costs ¥17,999 ($2,785} and the 512GB costs ¥18,999 ($2,940). Huawei made the Mate X2 available in only four colours, including, White, pink, black, and blue.

The manufacturer did not disclose if they will sell their foldable product outside China. Although, Huawei intend to commence sales in China by February 25th.

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