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Free Ways To Increase Your YouTube Views



YouTube is one of the greatest platforms where you can showcase your talent. There are millions of active users on YouTube to date, and also thousands of successful content creators are available on YouTube. In that increase of competition on YouTube if you are just creating and posting content without using any additional tricks then sometimes it can but most of the time it won’t work. So, today I am going to share with you some of the tips and tricks which would really help you to increase your YouTube views.


Use a descriptive title.

I know that in your new Channel it would be very difficult to rank your video in the first place. But you should make sure that by just reading your title people should be able to identify what your video is about then only people would click on your video. You can also use Google trends website for this purpose.

Create valuable content

YouTube content is the most important factor. Make sure that your video comes on the suggestions to your users. And create a type of content that people would be attracted to your videos. YouTube’s algorithm is so smart that it can easily identify that you have created good content or not. So, first of all, you should work on your content and try to make it the best. Your content decided the rate of views in your videos. Make sure that your content should be unique, not copied. One more thing if you make your own according to the taste of your particular media then it will be very beneficial for you. This will get more views for you and you can earn a good income from them. 

Let us know with an example:- Suppose that you have a channel of cooking tricks and you want to increase the views on your videos then post the content related to your niches. Don’t try to manipulate the audience because it tends to increase dislikes in your videos. If you have a cooking recipe channel then try to post the unique and original videos related to cooking recipes. This will definitely tend to increase the views and likes on your videos. 

Use tags

Tags are also one of the most important factors which could increase your YouTube views. As YouTube’s algorithm uses your tags to identify what your video is about so you have to add valuable tags if you have added invalid tags then your video will never gain more views. Also, try to add your channel name to your tags. Many successful You Tubers have said that they are applying the same tricks and it is also beneficial in boosting your videos. Tags also promote your videos on your personal level. Well, it is not an easy task to do but if you’re passionate about the work you do then this will be a great weapon to boost your views. You just have to tag your video to your suggested or required media and wait for the results. If you use tags in a proper and effective way then I promise you that your views must increase. 

Share your videos with your family or friends.

You can also share your videos with your friends or loved ones but make sure that they watch the full video. You might be thinking of sharing your videos to social media platforms, you can also do that but I would say that it would be better if you don’t do that because if someone went through your link and open your video, watched it till 5-10sec and leave it then YouTube algorithm would be thinking that your video is not up to the mark and instead of increasing your views it will decrease your videos. Sharing is a must and most important factor in increasing the views on your videos. 

How to promote/ share the videos

Well, it is not a cup of tea you have to influence people to share your videos. Suggest or recommend your current viewers to share your video if they like. Provide a type sharing link for the viewers so that your audience has to make efforts to share your videos. Always ask for a review of your video from your current viewers. 



In this article, I have discussed some of the most important and free ways to increase your YouTube views. If you are a YouTube creator and searching for ways to boost your videos then you can apply the tricks mentioned above and I know that it would be very beneficial for you. You can boost your channel to a great extent by free methods, so there’s no need to use paid methods. These tricks helped me to increase my YouTube views and these are also very helpful for your YouTube views.

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