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The Influence of Cloud Computing on Digital Marketing


Viral characteristic of cloud computing has shaped the ways in which companies conduct business. Internet marketing has been the area where cloud can evolve and reach its full potential. It changes the way in which companies interact with their customers, as well as the ways in which companies store and distribute data. Technological development is really starting to heat things up. Digital marketing is being bombed by all these new marketing trends. We can expect numerous changes in the upcoming year alone. Cloud computing will have a key role in reshaping the marketing as we know it.

What are the Benefits of Cloud Computing?

Digital Nomads 101

Cloud computing offers its users the ability to upload data and important information to a global network. The data can be then accessed from anywhere in the world and via any device with an internet connection. This new revolution immediately dominated the business field. With the low and affordable prices, starting a business was never easier. That is exactly  why we have seen a rise in the number of cloud computing companies over the course of the past few years, ever since cloud computing had become popular. Clouds are being updated and secured with the latest software, preventing information leak and cybercrime as well.

Getting the Most Out of it

Many companies are hiring new employees with Internet marketing training in order to get the most insight on this rising technology. Since cloud computing is fairly a new thing, marketers are advised to learn about it quickly in order to be able to get the most out of it. Companies can now fill in the gaps in business organization and provide better and more customized customer experience. When inspiration takes over, digital marketers strike! The ability to access data from anywhere in the world offers limitless flexibility. In order to best meet the needs of all customers, changing environments from time to time is the key to strengthening the brand and developing a healthy working relationship.

Improved Analytics


Unlike ever before, cloud infrastructures now offer marketers the ability to easily arrange and analyze the enormous amounts of data being used. There are plenty of tools and software that can be synced with the cloud in order to get real time data information and analysis. Clouds make it easier for the marketers to test new channels, track leads and decide which marketing strategies work best. With the access to customer CRM applications, every marketer can now fully track and better understand the needs of their customers.

Inbound Marketing

Marketing as we know it is now nothing more but a distant memory. Today, powerful and engaging content generates the most traffic. Powerful analytic tools provide information needed to alter a piece of content or shape it to fit the needs of the special demand. Facebook and YouTube among many others are pure examples of cloud hosted services which have definitely accelerated the growth of inbound marketing.

The Future is the Cloud


I have recently had a conversation with one of the SEO experts from NYC, after which I came to understand that every fortune 500 company utilizes the fullest potential of the cloud. In 2016, more than a third of all the digital content will be stored on clouds, and by the 2020 clouds will fully take over. Information access is easier, and unlike never before, marketers can now create new campaigns as they work on the go. Sitting at the old and boring desk will be entirely revolutionized, and we might see some completely new ways in which companies will do business. Perhaps from home, or some other way- we shall see, very soon.

By obtaining additional education, marketers can develop new strategies and yet once again change the way products are being sold and advertised. Digital marketing is an ever-evolving industry, and only those who keep absorbing new technologies and knowledge will be able to remain ahead of their competition.

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