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Instagram Is The New Podium For All Aspiring Fashion Bloggers


Blogging and personal websites are becoming a popular medium of expression which is being adopted by many across the world. This is not only a mode of expression but also can become a source of income in several ways. In the contemporary world, where the virtual economy is growing strong, earning through various innovative means is a very common concept. The concept of earning through blogging has become popular in the past few years, and more and more people are experimenting and exploring this particular genre of earning. It is observed that lifestyle and fashion blogs, in particular, have the upper hand and more popular than other topics on the internet. The viewership is high, and there is endless concept courtesy to the craze people have about the celebrities and their lifestyles. Social media along with the blog together can be a very strong platform for expressing your ideas and opinion.

Instagram for your blog

There are millions of users across the world that opt for the Instagram and similar social media platforms. If you are using such platforms, you would be familiar with the features and how they can be potentially used for promotional works. The fashion blogging as a profession is an excellent choice provided you have the skills to be one as well as the sense of promotion. Here we are going to give you certain tips which would help you use Instagram in particular for the promotion of your fashion blog. Do remember, that the features of the Instagram account are such that you can use it majorly for promotional work and get exposure to the prospective followers who are majorly fashion enthusiasts. There are different types of suggestions which you can put to use when you have a thorough understanding of how the Instagram account can be used for this purpose.

Mini videos and boomerangs

Instagram has a feature that allows the users to upload one minute long videos and boomerang videos which are very creative and fun to watch. As a fashion blogger, if you have a YouTube channel associated with your blog, you can create mini videos of the YouTube videos you create and then upload them on your Instagram while redirecting your viewers to the YouTube page if they are interested in the full-length video. Create a mini video that is like a teaser and perks the curiosity of the viewers so that they are more likely to click the link and view the entire video. In this way, you would be able to more and more views on your website and the YouTube channel as well. This, in turn, would give you a significant amount of traffic to your site, and you can easily ensure that your website is being boosted so that its ranking is higher up the graph.

Product images and right hashtags

The product images that are being used on your blog should also be used on your Instagram account so that the viewers can get a view of the same images such that they can connect it with your blog. At least share one image related to each blog post on your Instagram account so that the followers can get an idea about the products that you are reviewing or recommending through your fashion blog. The users should use the right trending hashtags along with the images such that the product description is obvious to the followers along with the bloggers’ identity too. Createa hashtag for your fashion blog which you can use with every post that is related to the blog on Instagram. If you can popularize the hashtag enough, you would have followers who would promote the hashtag too as they use it on their relevant posts. It is crucial that the hashtag is circulated far and wide so more and more people are using it and it becomes one of the hashtags among the trending choices that you have.


If you are a seasoned fashion blogger who has enough endorsements and sponsorships from different fashion brands, you can even organize giveaways with the help of these brands on your Instagram account. Through such contest, you can increase your followers too, and this is important for making such that your account has some followers who can make sure that your website and blog is popular and recommended. The Gramista application can aid in increasing the prospective clients and viewers on your account, and this is popularly used and recommended by seasoned Instagram experts. Do ensure that the giveaways are planned such that the users have to invite more and more people to increase their chances of winning and this is, in turn, going to give the fashion blogger his or her bulk of traffic through the Instagram profile. Promotion through Instagram is very simple and creative provided you have an understanding of how it works for various purposes.

Wrapping things up

When it comes to Instagram promotion, there are some ways in which you can make sure your website is notable, and for this purpose, it is essential to have a proper strategy for promotional purpose. The fashion bloggers and their sites have to be promoted to monetize it, and Instagram is a great choice for this purpose. This is because of its image-oriented interface and the features that it offers,the tips and tricks mentioned in the article are some of the basic but very effective options that you have and if you can implement them well, you may rest assured that your fashion website would gain much popularity in a limited amount of time.


Author bio

Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings. He can give the viewers a fair idea about how Gramista can be used to your advantage. The articles by him regarding the various ways of digital promotion are very helpful indeed.

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