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Instagram Hits 500 Million Daily Users After Launching Stories


The Facebook app ‘Instagram’ with every added features makes users come back for more every single day with over 800 million monthly users and 300 million daily users. Yet it doesn’t stop them from getting busy trying to find a way to keep its users glued to their phone as they entertained its users with amazing, and super cool features.

Six years ago, before the launch of the  stories , the company had 500 million users monthly and 300 million daily users and short after the launch the stories which clocked one year last month , the company experienced a drastic jump of about 160 percent, with the company announcing on their blog a tremendous milestones almost every month.

Facebook and WhatsApp have steadily maintained the 1 billion daily users over the past one year but after the launch of the stories on Instagram, it has kept users coming back on daily basis to view their friends and family uploads before the 24 hours elapses and also upload stories for their love ones and have them view it before it disappears.

Instagram is still far away from reaching 1 billion, but it reached the halfway mark much faster and has added 200 million daily users to the already initial 300 million due to the launch of Stories, and with this it has put a halt on the growth of one of the most used photo filters ‘Snapchat’ which up until last month still has about 173 million daily users added about 30 million from a year before.

Instagram stories has sure helped giving the company a great start and over the launch has increased its users fan base even with a complete replica of the Snapchat feature. Instagram users still refer to choose the convenience of staying inside of Instagram over the unique features that Snap tends to offer.

Yipee!!! I am super excited It wasn’t easy but I guess consistencency is the key to success as the ‘gram’ company has put in lots of effort to be where they are today and finger crossed as the hit 1 billion daily users soon .

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