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iOS 12 Concept: A Dream Of Grouped Notifications And More


It’s time for something amazing, like a bundle notifications instead of a single notifications from one app.

There have been lots of speculation about Apple iOS 12, the great news is that the grand unveiling of iOS 12 is just a few weeks away and there’s one feature on everybody’s wish list: grouped notifications.

iOS 11’s notification screen is a mess when you get multiple notifications from the same app, but developer Matt Birchler at Birchtree. Brought up one of the more interesting ideas in Birchler mockups which involve grouped notifications and has created a simple concept that shows how Apple could make the lock screen notifications so much better.

“Bundling notifications from a single app together means your brain doesn’t have to phase shift all the time when scrolling through your notifications,” Birchler writes in a blog post.

“In this case, we have 4 messages from 2 people together in one space. This would normally take up far more space and be far less efficient than making each one of these their own notification and so instead of making you scroll down until you get to the oldest message,  you can just reading the conversation in reverse. He added

Here is how the mock-ups of Birchler iOS 12 concept designs can be viewed below:


Moving along, designer Álvaro Pabesio recently published a series of interesting Apple Music ideas which he sets out to reinvent the Apple Music user experience.

Many people still find Spotify to offer up a more intuitive UI than Apple music but in recent years, Apple music has certainly improved by leaps and bounds.

And Pabesio’s idea which seek to level that playing field with the new set to be unveiled redesign.

The ability to create public or private playlists is certainly intriguing.

However, with much hope and high anticipation whether any of the Birchler ideas or Álvaro Pabesio’s apple music redesign will make it into iOS 12 during Apple’s WWDC 2018 keynote on June 4th.

The company is also expected to unveil macOS 10.14, tvOS 12, watchOS 5 and maybe even some new hardware.

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