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The iPhone 8 Set To Be Launched On September 12th Could Be Called iPhone X And Here’s Why


The word “X” sounds familiar like X box, X men, etc., and back then in school it was is mostly used as a missing piece to a puzzle like find ‘x’.  Okay back to the headline, iPhone according to reports could be called iPhone X” and not iPhone 8 as we all would expect.

Apple iPhone 8 could be called as the iPhone X, to mark the tenth-anniversary of iPhone launch but there is still some confusion over name for the next generation iPhone and why the change of name, but no one is getting an answer just yet until it is officially announced next week in California alongside the release of the one of the most awaited iPhones.

The reports claim that the name iPhone X which is a significant to the special edition model which is in celebration of the anniversary and since X (the Roman numeral) means 10, it makes sense.

This also means that the  iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus will be called iPhone 8 and iPhone 8S respectively while the long awaited iPhone 8 will be called iPhone X, and the iPhone X but that said, the next X models would then likely become the iPhone 8S and 8S Plus. It’s confusing I know but the naming pattern also makes sense.

These models will be the first iPhones to feature an edge-to-edge display, with slim bezels. The device may not feature the traditional Touch ID fingerprint scanner and instead will feature a new facial recognition technology.

Reports also have it that the new models will support wireless charging (something the likes of Samsung already have) and its design will be completely different from other previous iPhone smartphone released. This new model will cost more that iPhone 7 Plus and it is rumoured to go for $1400 when pre-order begins likely by September 15th after the release by September 12th and deliveries worldwide will commence by September 22.

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