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Four Steps To Launch A Scalable E-Learning Business Or Service


Like actions speak louder, a picture speaks better than words can express. From the above graph we can clearly see the stark difference in the growth of the virtual learning business. It is predicted to go up by thousands of millions of dollars. And hence without further ado let us get to the main objective of this article- creating an e-learning website.

There is so much more than that just meets the eyes. Right from planning the business model to sales and promotional initiatives, it is all a huge web of responsibilities. Every process is critical and if not treaded with caution we might end up crashing the whole business before it even took off.

With the education industry booming at an exponential rate even other businesses have started to branch out into the education sector. For example: even Forbes has now launched its very own e-learning platform called – Learn @ Forbes. As per a recent study, by Supply gem, each dollar spent on e-learning comes back 30 folds in productivity, and hence 93 percent of companies say that they plan to adopt online learning in the near future.

We have drafted this article in order to give you a wholesome picture of what you can expect and what actions you need to take in order to successfully build your very own virtual learning platform. What are we still waiting for?

Step 1: Know your customer

This is the founding step to a successful business establishment. Clients are the primary priority for all kinds of businesses. Without any idea on who your clients will be you will not be able to even draft a business plan, let alone develop your online tutoring software. The criteria based on which you select your customer base plays a crucial role in the following processes.

Education is like the blue oceans from which you are trying to take just a fistful of water. Hence you need to be very sure on whom you are selecting to be your set of audience for the online teaching platform that you will be building in the near future. 




4)Financial status

5)Their academic goals

6)Any special needs etc.

Step 2: Choose your Niche:

One of the toughest decisions that you will have to make is to choose the field of education you want to get into. Based on the student base you choose you can then decide upon what and how you want to teach them. Education is every advancing industry and this is one platform that sees maximum potential of growth and at the same is under constant evolution. Here are a few choices of courses that you can look into on implementing as your core educational offer-

1)Arts & Crafts







8)Musical instruments.

9)Language learning

and many more.

Step 3: Develop your e-learning platform:

Now it is time to build your online tutoring software. Post pinning your field of education you first need to draft a curriculum for the courses you have set.

Step 4: Market your virtual learning business:

Last but not the least, Marketing. Given the rising demand and ever changing outlook of the world one needs to understand what advertising strategies work when it comes to grabbing the attention of the right set of audience and converting them into your customers. The world is literally in our palms. Just one click and another person from another corner of the world will get your notifications. Hence by utilizing these technologies you can also promote your business. Here are some of the most recommended marketing strategies-

1)Social media marketing

2)Influencer marketing

3)Content marketing

4)SEO technology

5)Media marketing etc.

Thus, this brief article comes to a conclusion. There are many more nuanced processes, such as drafting your business plan, deciding your business and revenue model, etc that will help you better plan and execute your business more effectively. The E-learning business is here to stay. This is one such market that is never saturated, there is always something to work upon or improve or something new coming up. You need to always be on your toes in order to keep up with the speed of the ever evolving educational industry.

Don’t fret. We are right by the corner to help you with your new endeavour. Do feel free to drop in a message or call us if you need any help or assistance with either development or even marketing your virtual business.

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