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Microsoft To Shut Down Groove Music Service, Will Transfer Customer Playlists To Spotify


Two years after the launch of the Groove Music, Microsoft  expected much more return in revenue, after all these years the music company  will be shut down and a partnership is the best option they could come up with.

Microsoft has finally come to a conclusion after two years of the launch of Microsoft ‘Groove Music’ to shut it down, and have also in a report announced to go into partnership with the music streaming platform ‘Spotify. It us also said the company has requested its customers on Groove to move / transfer all their saved or downloaded music playlists they have initially created on the platform to ‘Spotify’.

In contrast to the announcement made by the company, the Groove Music app will still be functional and will continue to accommodate music downloads that will be made through the Window Store but all app support will cease by the end of 2017 which is enough time for its users to make a switch to Spotify with all their music content downloaded or saved in the app.

The company added in the report that there will be a step by step guidelines and instructions to help users on how to transfer their music playlist to Spotify with ease, and also added some of their users might be eligible for a two months free subscription on Spotify. As of today Spotify is considered one of the largest music streaming services and has one of the largest libraries of songs in the world but has a low downloading store but it allows just users on premium to enjoy saved music on their playlist when they are offline.

Microsoft thanked customers for their loyalty and support on the Groove Music journey and said its customers wanted “access to the best streaming service, the largest catalogue of music, and a variety of subscriptions”, and in their opinion, that would be Spotify.

But it would like the transition has been in the works for a while now because back in August, Spotify came to the Xbox One platform. For Windows 10 users who have downloaded music already, the Groove Music app will work as music player for them even after the deadline.

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