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Methods That Are Available To Market A new Mobile App


Once you have done with developing a mobile app and ready to publish, the next big step is considered as marketing the app, this is the most crucial one because of the cutthroat competition in the marketing field. It pays off on your complete hard work when you get the downloads to make your app visible.

In the market there are millions of applications are found and you need to make your count so you need to follow a systematic approach. To help you gain an edge over your competitors you can follow these steps “To Market Mobile Apps” that are likely to give you success in marketing your app:

Create introductory videos:

In the App store. Apple introduced something called preview videos because audiences are lazy, most of them don’t like to go through detailed descriptions of how an app works. Creating a short video of the app or creating teasers and posting it on websites and blogs will help users identify how your app works and also it helps in creating some buzz around the mobile app. This is a great way of getting a customer interested when they come across your app on these stores.

App Store optimization:

When it comes to ASO, it is one of the major parts to fill out all of the fields with the relevant details of your app when submitting in app stores, and also pick your categories carefully. It helps you get better rankings and displays top on relevant searches with the use of keywords. Unique and punchy app descriptions and relevant keywords are very important to make sure your app is visible in search results. This makes the turn in transform into traffic for your app on the app store. Thus thorough understanding and research of what keywords to use are quite important.

This is the main aim of ASO is to increase the download count for your app by driving more traffic to the app page through search results. The most important ranking factor is the title of your mobile app to keep in app store optimisation. If you’ve built a train time-checker app, then it’s recommended to use ‘train time checker’ in the title and pay attention to the following

  • App name should be unique
  • Including relevant keywords but be careful not to ‘keyword stuff’
  • Description needs to be clearly articulate your application value and check whether it is frequently updated with new updates.
  • Having 2-3 feature screenshots or a video tutorial with outlining core app highlights
  • Need positive app ratings


App Screenshots:

Creating impressive screenshots helps to target all users easily, these are generally the first thing a user sees on your app’s page, use them wisely. All app stores allow adding screenshots in app descriptions. That’s a lot of real estates you are getting to promote your mobile app. These screenshots don’t necessarily have to be just the app’s screens, there may be a combination of screenshots with including text that overlays explaining how the app works.

Blogging & Tweeting:

Writing blogs such as introductions, coming soon posts, features, how your app stands out. Blogging is a free and very effective tool to target audiences easily and it creates a great exposure for your app by generating keywords for SEO that have a necessary to drive potential customers to your app. And you need to try for getting your app featured on review websites or podcasts frequented by app customers that can offer the app for free to these reviewers if you have to.

Guest blogging & Social Advertising:

Guest blogging is one of the great ways, starting with blogs related to your domain like the technology or the platforms and post a variety of mobile app blogs. This may start with the promotion and by the end of your posts, you will have users ready to download the app.

Social media marketing is one of the important tools where it comes to marketing an app which allows you to focus on more users specifically by their interests and demographics. Ads can be highly streamlined and show up only for those who meet certain criteria and would be most interested in downloading your app.

Search Engine Optimization:

Mobile application URL need to show in Google search results then it can reach to all users when users search for key-in related queries; when they look up related to your app, you want your app to start popping up in first 5 entries. So users can easily click your site and enter inside of your application.

For this success, all you need to do is identify the “best-targeted” keywords of your required mobile app development that you want to rank for and also analyse the keywords which are currently ranking for your app, for this you can build some quality links accordingly to boost rankings quickly.

Newsletters & Press Releases:

Once you built a mailing list keep customers engaged with newsletters about the app and its launch by the press releases around your app launch or before major update launches.

Getting positive reviews:

If your app is reviewed by some good app review sites who have thousands of visitors on a daily basis. It has more chances to get noticed, hence increasing the download numbers for the app.

Use Analytics tools:

This is one of the helpful tools where you can see your app’s growth and understand the present progress of your app in more suitable ways and also it helps you to understand how the app is used and what all the needs to be changed to make it perfect and more user-friendly. This is one of the crucial steps that should not be skipped.


You can retarget your mobile app to run ads on popular websites such as Facebook, Google, or any other sites supporting Google Ads that people who have already visited your app microsite but not yet downloaded it. These ads typically convert very well and this is one of the chance to increase your downloads.


I hope the above ideas have spark on some new ideas to help you market your mobile app. If you have any queries or would like Fusion Informatics which is one of the top mobile app development companies in Dubai to help you with your mobile app marketing, feel free to get in touch and we’d be more than happy to help.


About the Author

Shobana S is a writer by day and a reader by night providing content writing services for businesses of all sizes. She has been a content and article writer for the last two years for firms like Fusion Informatics and been involved in writing high-quality content and article for businesses that want to see their search engine rankings better. Her article has appeared in major sites and she has been contributing her article and blogs regularly which includes balanced informative with IT needs.

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