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Netflix Is Testing A Feature To Let You Speed Up Boring Episodes


Netflix came up with a pop-up feature a while back tom help you do other things on your PC while restricting your videos to a portion of the screen. Netflix is now coming up with a way to speed up boring episodes or even slow down interesting ones. The feature is currently being tested for mobile users only.

The feature which may be seen currently by some Netflix app users in Android allows users to speed up videos by up to 1.5x and slow them down 0.5x.

This is a mobile only test and gives people the ability to vary the speed at which they watch on phones or tablets – choosing from normal to slower (0.5X or 0.75X) or faster (1.25X and 1.5X). It’s  a feature that has long been available on DVD players – and has been frequently requested by our members. For example, people looking to rewatch their favorite scene or wanting to go slower because it’s a foreign language title. 

The feature can even help you fast forward to a desired part in the episode. The skip feature can come in handy when you want to really follow foreign language-based shows. It even gets better because the audio auto adjusts the pitch as well to correspond with your newly chosen speed.

Netflix won’t remember your preferences though as you will have to do for each video you choose to watch.

That said, it’s only a test and there is no plan to roll it out globally anytime soon and depending on the feedback they get, it may never see the light of day.

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