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When Is Your Business Ready for Outside Marketing Help?


Businesses ranging from small startups to established multinational brands routinely rely on marketing to drive their companies forward. While many of the largest and most successful companies fund their own internal marketing department, most also make room in the budget for contractors and other forms of outside help. Turning to a third-party for marketing solutions can boost innovation, cut costs and gives company personnel a more diverse team to gain experience from.

Periods of Rapid Growth

Many founders and owners of small businesses or startups get some personal experience with marketing as they work to get their venture off the ground. Some even have a founding partner or employee who shoulders most of this responsibility early on. However, periods of rapid growth and development can connect small companies with large markets quickly. This compels some to turn to a digital marketing agency or other forms of outside assistance to take over the increasing responsibilities.

Refreshing Marketing Strategy

Many large and established businesses also turn to a digital marketing company when they want to shake things up. Bringing in fresh talent with new ideas can encourage innovation through collaboration with internal team members. Hiring local professionals can also be useful for companies entering a new regional marketplace, particularly when approaching a foreign market with different culture and language.

Incorporate Specific Expertise

The technical and specialized nature of modern marketing is another incentive for companies to turn to outside professional assistance. Even a large internal team won’t have all of the skills necessary to pull off every project. Supplementing an existing marketing department with skilled specialists can make even the most ambitious project much more realistic. Consultants who focus exclusively on social media or content marketing can offer valuable insights that could transform a brand’s digital presence.

Strategic Development

Established business leaders understand the importance of getting an experienced, outside perspective on their problems. Companies sometimes turn to outside marketing experts when they want to analyze, evaluate and improve their entire approach to customer relations. The transformative nature of this project often demands fresh ideas as well as more minds to tap to generate as much improvement as possible. Consultants can be a useful asset in both short and long-term strategic development.

Whether a company is struggling or consistently growing, turning to expert consultants can be a game-changing investment. Knowing when your business is ready for outside marketing help is key to making the most out of all of your advertising and public relations efforts.

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