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The Value Of Online Education For Emerging Tech Markets


Africa is being recognized across the world as one of the fastest-growing markets in the Information Technology (IT) sector. Experts are also accepting that Nigeria is likely to see exponential growth as the nation has all of the factors conducive for rapid development. A concentration of natural resources and a strategic coastal location are only a few of the advantages that are spurring the economy. Venture capitalists are looking at Nigeria as a viable option to invest in and a slew of startups are mushrooming across the nation.

Although the political and industrial arenas are as yet volatile, budding tech talent has the potential to transform the country into the IT superpower of Africa. Perhaps, that’s the reason why the US, China, and various other countries on the continent are investing significant amounts of capital in the tech sector. Check out this post on Investopedia that talks about the interest being generated in Nigeria as one of the MINT countries comparable to Mexico, Indonesia, and Turkey.

Online Education Can Provide Opportunities to Learn

Newbie programmers looking to train in different languages are increasingly signing up with online platforms where they can not only pick up skills, but also remain accountable for making progress. Joining developer groups that specialize in specific languages such as Laravel, Kotlin, and various others, helps students advance their talents further. Several institutions are based in Lagos, the economic capital and technology hotspot of Nigeria. These academies provide training in software development with the option of learning languages like PHP, .NET, Python, Stack, and Javascript.

Academies Provide a Range of Learning Opportunities

Tech enthusiasts have the option of joining programs where they can gain hands-on knowledge by attending courses and workshops. Alternatively, learners can sign up for training regularly over a period of two to three months or take weekend classes. Fellowship programs can train particular skills that are helpful in obtaining well-paying jobs in large corporations. Getting diplomas and certification for skills like project management, ethical hacking like the kind available at HackEDU, and mobile app development is only the starting point for achieving success.

The fact that the tech giants of the world are focusing their support on the youth of Nigeria points to the amazing potential that’s there. Some of the top names include Microsoft, Google, Cisco, Upbeat, HP, and Oracle.

Courses for Children Are Also Available

The exciting thing is that such institutes are open for children and teenagers interested in developing their skills. Parents can choose to sign up their pre-teens and teens in summer camps and classes where they can learn coding skills and get tech training in spheres like robotics, graphic designing, game development, cryptocurrency, web development, and Internet of Things, to name a scarce few. The availability of opportunities like these can go a long way in nourishing the upcoming talent of the country that can work to transform the nation.

The government of Nigeria seems committed to creating the optimum conditions to propel Nigeria into the path of exponential growth so it can gain prestige and ranking as one of the N11 countries. As yet, the complete IT potential of the country’s youth remains untapped. The various training academies could create the conditions and right atmosphere to encourage young people to come forward to learn and work for the development of their country. The interest that they are displaying in the IT sector only needs to be channeled in the right direction so they can achieve everything they set their minds to.

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