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Parler Takes AWS To Court For Suspending Its Platform On Unethical Reasons


Image source : TechCrunch

On Monday, the startup social media platform, Parler LLC, sued Amazon, accusing its web hosting service unit of acting illegally towards suspending the social platform because 70% of its users are Donald Trump’s supporters.

Parler took the fall for the outgoing President’s insolence – although the social media networking platform claims innocence, and they are being treated with little intentions to gain favor, which they previously believed was a setup.

Before Amazon Web Service, AWS disconnected the social media platform from its server on Sunday, Alphabet Inc’s Google and Apple Inc had autonomously blacklisted Parler from their app store. 

The content of the antitrust complaint filed with the social media platform and the U.S. District Court in Seattle – Parler said that AWS suddenly used the “death bow” tactic to disconnecting their service operation.

The startup social media platform believes that Amazon’s web hosting unit reason for suspending Parler is less than genuine but depicts a double standard in conducting business.

In Parler’s point of view, AWS could have regulated its services by merely hinting them to use the “screened message” feature to remove ill contents from its platform rather than make rash decisions out of selfishness to gain Twitter Inc’s favour.

In recent times, there has been a viral tweet that trended on Twitter calling for the execution of the United States Vice President Mike Pence, “Hang Mike Pence.” In Parler’s expectation, the web-host-service provider should have also suspended Twitter just as its users have been socializing with sharing violent content.

The complaint said “AWS false claims have made Parler a pariah, and the Amazon.com cut-off is as equivalent to pulling the plug on a hospital patient on life support.”

In Amazon’s response to the startup company – they said that the lawsuit has no importance. However, the web hosting company acknowledged Parler’s consent to exercise its rights to determine what should be posted on its platform. Still, they are yet to remove the substantial and steady increase of ill content that incites violence in real-time within the society.

 Amazon Web Services (AWS) noted that Parler’s actions overtime had proven nonchalance to regulate the content it allows on its platform, which further led to its service suspension.

In contrast to the web hosting judgment, the social media platform seeks legal, institutional intervention to retract AWS suspension to restore their server online.

The social media platform also seeks triple damages – this also involves Twitter as an accomplice that instigated the web hosting company to restrict its services.

Parler has over 12 million active users on its platform. Prior to its service suspension, conformists on Twitter were already switching to Parler to have access to more access to right wing content. However, Parler users are the suspected individuals that stormed the U.S. Capitol last Wednesday.

Remember, Twitter was among the social media companies that initiated the suspension of @realDonaldTrumps account. Then, on Friday, the microblogging company permanently blocked the outgoing President’s account until the new President’s forthcoming inaugural event has passed.

After the warning strike, Twitter’s permanent suspension was initiated two days after a mob of Trump supporters constituted a nuisance at Capitol Hill.

Trump has frequently challenged President-elect Joe Biden’s victory and demanded Pence’s reversal of the 2020 November election result during the joint session of congress meeting at Washington.

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