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PlayStation 4 Tops 30 Million Sales


Just as shoppers are getting ready for massive sales in stores and online especially on what is now known as Cyber Monday by Americans, Sony says its latest game console PlayStation 4 has now sold 30.2 million units. This was announced in a press release on the 22nd of this month. This comes as Sony announced that it was knocking off $50 from the original $400 price tag in a decision many saw as getting ready for Black Friday and cyber Monday sales across the US and now many other countries including Nigeria. The new price of $350 made the PlayStation 4 the same price as the Xbox One. In the 2014 Black Friday week of 2014, Sony reportedly sold 1.2 million PlayStation 4 units so you can understand why people thought it was simply a market decision. Right now the tussle continues even as Xbox One sales continue to steadily rise especially with the release of Halo 5.

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