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Alphabet’s Project Wolverine Aims At Heightening Human Hearing


…X lab is developing a device that is more than a hearing aid.

Overtime, Google’s parent company, Alphabet has been responsive with the project that enhances human standards of technical solutions — among others, fish tracking camera technology and crop- sniffing plant buggy, are the finest projects Alphabet has initiated.

Currently, Alphabets’ X lab is developing a superpower device compatible with humans — the wearable device heightens hearing abilities. The engineers at X lab dubbed the super hearing project “Wolverine” — Alphabet is exploring untapped tech function that is designed based on futuristic concepts — sensor-packed hardware that is closely related to Apple’s Airpods and Whisper.

According to Alphabets’ spokesman, (one of the engineers developing project Wolverine), highlighted the flagship functions to feature on its new super hearing devices. The new hearing device is supposed to smartly to select a particular voice of an individual mixed by the crowd.

The engineers are still trying to use their technology that enhances human hearing — the devices enable the default human hearing sense to focus on one person’s conversation in an overly populated environment with engaging conversations. He noted that project Wolverine will be fully functional in due time when its engineering is completely tuned.

Alphabet has repeatedly marketed its hyper-hearing feature on different devices — some of them were designed to cover the whole ear, while others have a funny-shaped design that heightens hearing ability.

According to the manufacturer, the previous devices are pre-installed with a lot of microphones while its latest models are designed with a smaller chip — with modernized chips, project Wolverine will produce a smaller device.

Nonetheless, several other investors and corporations including, Starkey Hearing Technologies and Eargo, have joined Alphabets’ campaign in enhancing human’s hearing ability.

According to specialists aware of project Wolverine, they believe that the features of the device are closely related to Whisper (a start-up company that attained limelight during the pandemic season).

However, the engineers at X lab utilized their sound isolation tech that adapts to the users surrounding — once active, overlapping sounds are isolated and focused on a particular voice of interest.

For contrast, project Wolverine aims at providing enhanced hearing aid compared to that of a superpower rather than develop a mere device that will fashionably trend as the latest on the block.

According to Alphabet, they are most concerned about designing alternative devices compatible with the same feature — gradually they would consistently add interesting tweaks to manufacture several models of the hearing device. In the nearest future, Google’s Alphabet will own its brand of hearing aid.

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