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Remember Microsoft’s Project Spartan? You can download the preview version here


Microsoft finally released Project Spartan to the public on Tuesday. You’ll recall that we had reported in an article that Microsoft would be replacing the IE (internet explorer) as you know it with its Project Spartan. “You will see a bold new design for Project Spartan,” Microsoft vice president Joe Belfiore wrote in a statement on Tuesday, “one that is streamlined and puts the focus on the page, not the browser.”

Time Magazine reported that the browser includes built-in searches via Cortana, Microsoft’s digital assistant that can handle spoken commands like Siri or Google Now. It also includes an intriguing note-taking feature that enables the user to type or scribble directly onto a webpage. “Inking” could encourage users to take up the Surface tablet’s digital pen, which Microsoft is eager to promote as a more natural alternative to the keyboard.

You can download the preview version here

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