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Samsung Unveils Its Latest Smartwatch — The Galaxy Watch


Alongside the Galaxy Note 9, Samsung also announced a new smartwatch: the Galaxy Watch.

The Galaxy Watch isn’t Samsung’s first wearable, but it’s the first with the Galaxy brand name – in the past, Samsung’s smartwatches have been under the “Gear” branding.

“Galaxy is a huge brand and very well known brand, meant to represent the best of the best products,” Alanna Cotton, senior vice president and general manager at Samsung Electronics America, explains. “This next level version is about bringing the best solutions to this device.”

The Galaxy Watch has two stand-out features: battery life (Samsung says it can get up to four days, depending on the watch size), and a rotating bezel, which allows you to control the watch without always needed to use the touchscreen display.

Besides those features, the Galaxy Watch is a fitness-focused smartwatch. It will have 39 different exercises built in, will be able to automatically detect six of the most common workouts, and will also have sleep tracking. The watch is waterproof and can be worn swimming as well.

The device will have an LTE connectivity, which will allow users make calls or listen to music without being tethered to your smartphone. The watch will be able to charge wirelessly on Samsung’s new Duo wireless charging pad, which can charge a smartphone and the watch at the same time—just like Samsung’s previous Gear smartwatches, the Galaxy Watch will also run on an Tizen OS, Samsung’s smartwatch operating system.

The Galaxy Watch has an AMOLED display and “military-grade durability.” It comes in three colors – silver, black, and rose gold – and two sizes: 42 mm and 46 mm. The 42 mm watch will cost $330, while the 46 mm watch will cost $350.

Both watches will be available to buy on Amazon, Best Buy, and Samsung.com starting on August 24. However, the LTE-enabled watch won’t be available until later this year.

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