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Samsung Vs Apple: Samsung Ranks Higher In Sales And Is The Most Profitable Tech Company


Apple and Samsung have been a rivalry between both devices on which device is better. With measures such as: the design language, fingerprint sensor , screen, resolution, battery life, megapixel camera sensor and soft. A peek through both phones had the Samsung Galaxy S8+ leading the iPhone 7 in preference. Now, the South Korean owned mobile device is now the world’s largest maker of mobile phones, memory chips and most profitable tech firm, going by its record quarterly earnings released today.

The figures reveal that Samsung will overtake Apple as the most profitable tech company. With a report in huge sales recorded in its new Galaxy S8 smartphone, the South Korean tech firm has predicted another blockbuster report for the next quarter likely to fall in September.

Samsung has recorded a soaring profit of $12.6b as against the census forecast of $10.6b for US titan Apple, which has been its best quarterly result in five years. On this report, Greg Roh, an analyst at HMC Investment Securities, told AFP:

“Samsung has surpassed its rivals but Apple usually sees little fluctuation in its profits whereas Samsung’s profits fluctuate largely on memory chip prices.”

Bryan Ma, a tech analyst at IDC said that “the S8 has indeed helped Samsung get onto its feet, hopefully putting the Note 7 debacle behind it”. He said further, “but we also have to keep in mind that a lot of Samsung’s momentum is from memory and displays too, so it’s not all about the S8 either”.

After the ugly incidence caused by Galaxy Note 7 smartphone over exploding batteries, the tech giant lost billions of dollars as well its reputation. However, the tech giant has done well for itself in ranking top in sales over Apple its competitor.
It’s profit also came chips it provided to other companies, including Apple as confirmed by the company: “The components business drove significant earnings growth…thanks primarily to strong demand for high-density DRAMs and SSDs for servers.”

In retrospect, the tech firm plans to expand its NAND chip plant in the Chinese city of Xian to complement increasing demand for the chips used in high-end storage products.

To overcome the exploding battery crises, the South Korean tech giant is set to unveil its new Note device next month in New York.

Featured image : Forbes 

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