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Samsung Is Offering A Free Gear VR Adapter To New Galaxy Note 9 Buyers


Nobody expected such a surprise when Galaxy Note 9 was unveiled by Samsung—the South Korean tech giant is offering free Gear VR adapters to Note 9 buyers, and virtual reality fans are in shock.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has received an adapter that will help you easily use the phablet with the Gear VR—the adapter essentially makes the Gear VR compatible with the Galaxy Note 9. Even though the last Gear VR headset was designed for the Galaxy Note 8, you can use it with the free adaptor. Samsung stated in its troubleshooting guide “The Note9 is compatible with your existing Gear VR, but a new Type-C adapter is required.”

    The Galaxy Note 9 was announced earlier this month

As some members have spotted on XDA Developers’ forums, Samsung is giving an adapter for free of charge to the Galaxy Note 9 users. The adapter can be obtained by making a call to the customer service in the US or by asking a customer service executive through the Samsung+ app. In markets other than the US, customers need to reach out to the official support to get the adapter. It may take as much as two weeks for the adapter to reach your destination.

Its current generation Gear VR headset was launched last year which also comes with a controller. It is compatible with all the Samsung flagships from last year along with other select models. There are no words on when exactly the next-generation Gear VR will be released but it is certainly working on the HMD Odyssey+ PC VR headset.

This appears to only be available in the US at the moment, according to Samsung’s troubleshooting guide, and SamMobile is claiming the shipping for the adapter will take up to two weeks – you just need to contact the brand with your purchase info to qualify.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is available at Amazon ₹67,900 ($985).

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