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10 Essential UI (user-interface) Design Tips In 2020


User-interface (UI) design has proven themselves to be the king in the web design and development field. For the past few years, UI has proven itself the leading factor in bringing inbound traffic. UI has proved itself that it can reach out to the audiences’ hearts by displaying engaging visual content.

Whether we are talking about the mobile interface or website interface, UI is very important for both. Nobody will want to interact with a dull looking website to download an app that is too complicated for new users.

UI is here to ease up the customers, users and audience’s problem, not to create one.

However, many business owners and entrepreneurs have no idea how UI can increase their sales and bring in traffic.

UI (user interface) Design Tips in 2020

The first thing that can appeal to your audience is the User Interface. If your UI is not up to the expectation of the audiences, your audience will bounce back from your website.

People love to enjoy the visual delicacy, if you can satisfy their visual appetite then only you can present yourself in front of them.

There are still many people out there who have no idea how important the User Interface is. So, to make them understand in an easy way, I have come up with the best UI design tips for web design and development.

  1. Know your audiences

First thing first, you must have a clear understanding of what your audiences want from you, from your brand, and from your website. The best way of increasing sales to make a stronger bond with your customers.

Once your customer opens up to you and talks about their problem and the resistance, they are facing in achieving their goals, the bond between them you and the customer will become stronger.

  1. Decide how you want your UI to be used

There are plenty of devices that need a User Interface. It is you who will decide on which kind of device you want to target your audiences.

Touch devices and button devices are very common in the 21st century, and recently touch devices have become more common than the others.

You have to think about what kind of audiences you are targeting and what kind of devices they are using. This helps you to identify the kind of user interface you want to build.

  1. Be crystal clear with CTA button

While developing a user interface design, you have to make sure that your design is not at all confusing to the customers. Especially the CTA (call to action) button. There have been cases where audiences do not go with the website because of the pop-up button that does not indicate what will happen if the button is pressed.

This makes audiences nervous about taking action on the unknown CTA button. This also reduces the credibility of the site.

  1. Prepare yourself for the downfall

You are in a business field, which means you are already prepared to face loss. In the business marketing field, there no certainty that you will gain a profit on every profit you make. In the same way you cannot be sure that all the audiences will love your site or mobile app user interface. You need to prepare to face the cruel reality.

  1. Respond in an instance

When you are talking with someone while having a cup of coffee, how do you respond to them? In an instance or you take your sweet little time. You already know where I am going.

The same thing goes while responding to customers. You need to respond them as quickly as possible. This will create a sense of satisfaction among the customers that their views are getting the limelight.

  1. Think carefully with the element placing

While designing the user interface you need to make sure that all the elements are easily accessible.

Fitt’s law, “The time to acquire a target is a function of the distance to and size of the target.” it clearly states that you need to place the elements on the screen that it can easily be accessed with the lowest distance covered. The factors that help you to improve the navigation is the size of the elements.

  1. Keep your design clean

Keeping your design clean is what you need to present all the elements in an appealing manner.

How would you like a site that has a good user interface but all the elements are out of places. There is no pattern in their formation what so ever. This can make you hate the UI just because it is not arranged in a presentable manner.

  1. User-friendly Interface

There are many messaging apps such as WeChat, WhatsApp, hike and much more. But which one app has more fan base or which is used more and why? Come on tell me the answer and you will get what I am trying to make you understand.

Where you download an app or visit a site the first thing you see is how easily you can navigate the app or site. A little bit of hardship and we just exit out of the User Interface. That how important it is to make your User interface customer friendly.

  1. Let them decide for themselves

Let me give you a simple example, there use to be advertisements which we could skip, in the earlier days of the smartphone era. But now we can just skip after 5 seconds of ads. We are no longer forced to see all the ads.

It is also a tip to improve your user interface. You can request people that if they are interested in the ads, they can watch the full or they can simply skip the rest. Giving the power into the customer’s hand, you can make customers think that you are taking care of the needs.

  1. Analyse everything before developing web design

Everything is fine and all, but on what basis have you decided to go on with a particular User Interface web design and development? Before going with the development and production, you need to aware of the market demands.

What kind of audience do you want to target? What are their demands? What kind of design they would like?

You need to get the answer to these questions first only then you can get the right design that everybody will like.

Use data analytics to analyse every single data and plan your work accordingly.


If you are a web designer then these tips can help you to make better designs that not only appeal to your audiences, but also improve the audience engagements.

So, here we are, I have given all the tips that I have used for my site and hope that it will also help you to grow your website.

Author Bio

Mashum Mollah is an entrepreneur, founder and CEO at BloggerOutreach.io, a blogger outreach platform. He is a passionate blogger and blogs at Search Engine Magazine.

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