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Oil Major, Shell Opens Electric Vehicle Charging Points In The UK


One of the technological advancements in the 21st century at is the introduction of environmentally friendly automobiles which is now a major alternative to fossil powered automobiles. This has then led to the introduction of an electric vehicle charging points in the United Kingdom to power electric cars.

Shell opened its first electric vehicle recharging points at three gas stations in Britain earlier this week, the oil giant with a striking history as one of the biggest oil companies in the world has responded to the global push toward zero emission vehicles by supporting the cause and opening a recharging point for all electric vehicles.

The three charging stations are in London, Surrey, and Derby and seven more are expected by the end of the year, this news came after Shell Agreed to buy electric vehicles charging stands from New Motion.

Jane Lindsay-Green, future fuels manager of Shell UK, in a report explained that “We recognize that the electric vehicle market is growing in the UK It’s growing very fast,” and also adding to the statistics shown there have been an increase in the number of electric vehicles registration in the country. Thus quoting her, she said that “We recognize that electric vehicles are part of the future of transport in the country and we want to make sure that we offer our customers choice and that they have the option to recharge on one of our forecourts if they want to.”

However , UK is the first country in which the Shell recharging service will be available ,  the energy company is working with London transport authorities in order to see that gasoline and diesel powered vehicles are removed from its streets by 2050.

David Elmes of Warwick Business School said in a report,  commends  Shell on their effort to give their customers a new variety, he said “The step further is whether they start to see themselves as an energy services company, optimizing the multiple sources and uses of energy in homes, offices, factories, communities, etc.,” also added by David, he explained that the company New Motion which Shell bought their recharging stands operates more than 30,000 private charging points for homes, offices and other business in Germany, France, Netherlands and a list of other countries.

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