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Nigerian Property Startup Spleet Upgrades Its Prop-tech And Sets Expand Across Africa


Spleet has revealed its plan to spread its services across the borders of Africa’s central commercial zone, which includes Rwanda, Kenya, and Ghana.

Spleet is a Nigerian startup company that offers a marketplace that offers premium self-hosting residential solution as a service established for Africans in the diaspora to process a home-stay and lodging services via its property technology (prop-tech).

The self-hosting resident service started in Lagos, Nigeria in 2017 to tackle the imprudent and unavailability of housing infrastructures in its host country. Spleet is designed to make rentals accessible by customers with reasonably priced payment options that compete against the typical Lagos’s payment preference, which usually demands customers to make a year or two advance payments.

The Spleet prop-tech marketplace also features homeowners to display their products on its platform to create further availability of unlimited spaces for rent to scrutinize customers.

The technology Spleet uses investigates its potential customers before assigning a property to the given customer, just as its prop-tech also serves as a search engine to locate a vacant apartment quickly.

The Spleet Chief Executive, Tola Adesanmi, also noted that its latest upgrade had improved the Spleet’s standard to match Airbnb status.

He also revealed his company’s agenda on how they planned to practicalise their expansion – he said that in the second quarter of 2021, the Ghanaian marketplace would be influenced by Spleet’s premium residential solution. Meanwhile, the third quarter of 2021 is reserved for Rwanda and Kenya’s

Tola said “We intend to first seed those markets by initially working closely with property managers that currently manage spaces manually, with a focus on people visiting from Nigeria. This way we build a reputation before hitting the local market directly.”

In contrast to Airbnb’s services, Spleet also offers a similar service but has its marketplace majorly in Africa as they recently set to further its expansion within Africa.

The new upgrades the startup self-hosting residential company added to its platform includes allowing homeowners to host their product whereby the availability of auxiliary free quarters or rooms gives a better chance of managing spaces.

“The host product also gives potential hosts autonomy, and a sense of control over their earnings. Over the next few months, we’ll continue to iterate per customer feedback and our own product roadmap,” he said.

Overtime, since Spleet has existed in its host country, Nigeria, they have influenced 96% of the real-estate marketplace in real-time. The renter products signed under the Spleet platform have progressed because they have an inexpensive rent fee policy that also encouraged its users to retain their rented spaces frequently.

Based on the startup company’s report, eleven months is an average duration in which a customer has prolonged their stay to access Spleet services continuously.

The chief executive of the self-hosting resident platform believes that the company’s current status has exceeded its potential to attain further developmental growth, “now that we have the hosting product.”

The startup is presently raising seed to further its expansion plan for 2021. Two years ago, they had raised about a quarter-million dollars. Meanwhile, Spleet has been bootstrapping since it was established four years ago.

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