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Spotify No Longer Deletes Your Downloads When You Clear Your Cache


Over the years, users have been faced with a confusing situation of either clearing their cache and been faced with consequences of clearing the cache alongside clearing all their music downloads. The good news is that Spotify app now lets you clear your cache without affecting your downloaded songs.

The new feature will allow Spotify to notify users that downloads aren’t being deleted when you delete your cache, which could provide additional peace of mind. After all, who wants to be stuck without music? The update has already quietly rolled out over the past few weeks to Android users, as spotted by Android Police.

How it works

If you use Spotify app quite often, you might have noticed that the storage space of your computer or the mobile device is dropping rapidly. That’s simply because whenever you are streaming a song from Spotify, it will save the track onto your device so that if you ever play that song in the future, Spotify will play it from the cache directly, without having to stream from its server again. Therefore, the more songs you streamed from Spotify, the less space you’ll get on your device.

If you’ve experienced lagging when using Spotify, it might be time to clear Spotify cache. However, since Spotify desktop client doesn’t allow us delete the cache within the app, but if you want to still delete the cache within the app. Here is simple way to clear it without stress, just simply click on the option after heading into Settings > Storage>cache> then click on clear cache or you can choose to cancel of you change your mind.

The new feature is available in the latest version of the Android and iOS apps.

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