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How To Stop Spotify From Recommending You The Same Old Songs


Spotify is meant for digital music, podcast, and even video streaming of the songs where millions of users can watch the video through the internet connection.

Spotify is a music platform with millions of users, and the songs are composed of artists from all over the world. Just by a single click, people can listen to any song or music video from anywhere around the world.

Basic music listening is free, but to listen to all types of music for free then, the user has to upgrade to the premium plans included in the Spotify app.


Major Issue Of Playing The Same Old Songs Again And Again The Spotify App

Spotify is undoubtedly a stupendous and fantastic app preferred by users worldwide in the music world. However, there are some significant issues in the Spotify app, which go unrecognizable in this context.

Spotify has a significant issue regarding playing the same old songs repeatedly, which have been liked by the user multiple times. There is an option of the Autoplay button, which enables the app to generate various songs of the same type. This is an irritation issue that is reported by many Spotify users from all over the world.


How To Stop Spotify From Playing The Same Old Songs Again And Again?

After a while now, there are several techniques to keep Spotify supplying fresh tunes by which I mean the stuff I like, but yet not the same things on a repeat. There are many ways where we can stop Spotify from feeding the same songs again and again.

1. Ignore The Like Button

Spotify wants its users to keep hitting on the like button so that Spotify’s algorithm cumulates or gathers the data of its users or their playlists of songs most frequently played by them. 

So, whenever the users click or play their favorite songs, the data collected is stored, leading to playing the same old songs again and again in the Spotify app. 

The users have to Ignore the like button to stop playing the same old songs, and instead, they can create their playlist, which is an easy task to do on Spotify. In this way, the users can avoid the app from playing the songs on repeat mode.

2. Riff Off Your Playlists

Once the users have got hold of creating their playlists, these playlists can be used to feed the app for new music taste aligned with the playlist created in the app.

First, select a playlist that needs to be aligned with new music and then clicks the three dots menu button and select Go To playlist radio. This will generate a bespoke playlist of songs in the same way, based on the playlist created by the users. 

To make it even better, a unique playlist is generated to keep on getting fresh music from the same playlist, which was created. In this way, the users can get rid of playing the old songs and get hold of new music from the same playlist.

3. Be Specific While Using The Spotify Enabled Smart Speakers.

This is a unique feature where smart devices such as Alexa or Google Home devices can play users’ favorite songs without a repeat mode. The users have to be aware that they should use the specific terminology when setting the smart devices connected to Spotify enabled speakers on a shuffle mode.

To get a playlist that is properly shuffled, the user has to say:

“Alexa/OK Google, shuffle my {playlist name}, which is the name for the playlist which the user wants the device to shuffle.

The users have to create every playlist with a unique name so that they just need to voice over the playlist name to be shuffled and get the device playing the favorite playlist of songs in Spotify.

4. Ace the search engine of Spotify

The Spotify search engine is the most powerful tool, which is not just a normal search engine, unlike any other app. Check out how to download from Spotify using the given link. There are extensive features which are being handled by the Spotify search engine.

For instance, the Spotify search engine can help to curate the playlists from different albums. It can be used to search for the newly recorded songs or even the albums. The search engine can help to find the songs of different genres or of different languages and specified by artist names. It can give the users a list of all the albums composed by them.

The most exclusive feature of the Spotify search engine is it can display a huge list of songs by just the year of release and name of the album, and many other apps cannot do that.


So, these are the multiple ways by which the users of Spotify can benefit and get rid of the problem of playing the same old songs again and again. With these unique features, any user can benefit from Spotify and enjoy the listening of unique music every time.

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