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5 Great Gift Ideas For The Techies In Your Life


Do you have a techie friend? In this day and age, we all probably do. if you’re looking for some great gift ideas to give your techie friends and family members, you’ve come to the right place. Here are five tech gifts that any self-proclaimed techie will surely appreciate.



Techie Gift #1: Bluetooth Headphones

True techies know that when it comes to headphones or earphones, it’s all about Bluetooth. The freedom to be unattached to your device while listening to music is simply a mark of the present world, and any techie will surely appreciate a pair of Bluetooth headphones. Now, what if your favorite techie in the world already has a pair? Fear not, for this is something they all wouldn’t mind having a backup of. One in the gym bag, one in the car’s glove compartment, one on the bedside table – extra Bluetooth headphones will always have a welcome place in a techie’s lifestyle!




Techie Gift #2: Google Home

A Google Home device is what you give when you want to pull out all the stops and wow your techie recipient. What techie wouldn’t want to receive a Google Home? Google Home is a device that doubles as a voice assistant and a smart home assistant. For as long as you have compatible devices and fixtures around the house, you can hook it up to Google Home and it can serve as these device and fixtures’ control center. As a voice assistant, you can issue verbal commands that it can follow – as well as provide verbal responses to your queries. Any techie would definitely be excited to set up a Google Home device in their abode, and if he already has one it’s okay – the device can be set up in another area of the house, so from there the owner can continue with the voice assistant and home control capabilities, too. If you’re looking for other premium gifts that really make a fine first impression, these options are great to consider as well.


Techie Gift #3: Fitbit Alta

The Fitbit is what you get when you marry fitness and technology, and any techie would love to get one as well. It’s a wonderful techie gift for a number of reasons. One, it’s connectivity features will surely tickle their tech fancy – so you know they’ll be interested in setting it up ASAP. Two, it’s a great way to send the message that you care about their health, because it’s a watch that’s designed to monitor important things that indicate how healthy you are. It can also be synced with a smartphone so it’s easier for the wearer to monitor his stats. Did we mention that it also tells the time?



Techie Gift #4: Smart Charger

Smart chargers are a godsend for techies that want to ensure their USB-powered devices are in tiptop shape. Smart chargers charge USB-enabled devices – but the special feature they have is they can effectively manage the amount of current that each device gets. These will be different depending on the device; for example a smartphone will have a lower current limit compared to a laptop or a tablet computer. With a smart charger, you can charge your device without worrying if it is getting too much current at the risk of the battery blowing up or wearing out faster than it should.



Techie Gift #5: Smart Luggage Tracker

It’s always every tech aficionado’s nightmare to have their precious gadgets and devices stolen or lost, which is why gifting them with a smart luggage tracker is like giving them the gift of a peace of mind. A smart luggage tracker is a wireless, Bluetooth-enabled device that syncs with your phone so you are able to monitor your luggage at any time. This particular model also has a customizable distance alarm that alerts you when the bag is far from you based on your settings. It’s small enough to fit in laptop bags, too!

These techie options are great, all-season options that you can give with confidence because they’re useful, practical, and fun. If you are looking for more tech gift options, you can check what other products Gemnote has to offer here. Which one do you plan to give to your favorite techie-obsessed friend soon?

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