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How Can We Unlock VBA Project Password Without Hex Editor?


User query 1: If I make my Excel VBA password long and complex, how is it still easy to unlock the VBA project password without a hex editor?

User query 2: How can I open a Microsoft Access VBA Projects (.accdb file) or perhaps crack/recover the password? Suggest the option to recover it.


VBA (Visual Basic for Application ) is a part of MS Office and it is used by Microsoft applications like Excel, Word, etc. VBA password helps you to keep the essential files safe from an unapproved person. However, sometimes users come in situations where you can not access them or lost the VBA password then users try to crack /recover the password.

Therefore, the upcoming section comes VBA password remover with various methods. Now let’s redirect the method of it.

Method to Break the VBA Passwords

There are two ways to recover the VBA password.

  1. Systematic method (Manual).
  2. Proficient method.

Systematic method (Manual)

This manual method provides an unlock VBA project password without hex editor and with a hex editor. (Before this method takes the complete backup of VBA files and must enable macros to make .xlsm files as .xlsx). So let’s move the solve this problem by various.

Interchange passwords with Hex Editor

  1. Create a new Excel file using a Hex Editor.
  2. Now, need to create a password in the VBA field.
  3. Then, save the file and exit.
  4. Now, open the file which you have created by Hex Editor.
  5. After, copy each line starting with CMG=…., DPB=…, GC=…  these keys.
  6. By using Hex Editor, you can open the file in which you want to break the password and paste the line which was copied.
  7. Then, you can save the file and exit.
  8. Finally, open the Excel file where you wanted to see the VBA code and password are common as that file passwords which you make earlier.

By using WinRar/WinRar

  1. Change the file format .xlsm to .zip.
  2. Now, by the WinZip/ WinRar and start the Zip file and then, choose the .xl folder.
  3. Then, extract the vbaproject.bin file then open it in Hex Editor.
  4. After, search and replace the DPB with DPx and save the file.
  5. Now, need to replace it with the latest one under the Zip file.
  6. Again, you have to change the file format extension from ZIP to XLSM.
  7. Then, start Visual Basic in MS Excel and select Tools and then VBA Project Properties.
  8. In the following tab, choose the protection tab and continue with the new password and save it as a .xlsm file.
  9. Finally, restart the VBA file with the new password.

Unlock VBA project password without Hex Editor(By Workbook)

  1. First, open the Workbook where all protected sheets are available.
  2. Then, press Alt+F11 and verify or open Visual Basic Editor.
  3. Next, type Insert-Module then paste the code into the right-hand corner of the window.
  4. After, close the Visual Basic and move to the worksheet which wants to unprotected.
  5. Then, type Too-Macro-Macros and then double click on the password breaker in the given list and create the password.

Proficient Method to Unlock VBA project password without Hex Editor

If the above-described methods do not work well then, users can take the help of an automated solution. Out of which, one such application is the VBA Password Recovery. It is specially programmed to recover lost or forgotten password of VBA files without any data loss.


This post is about How to unlock VBA project password without hex editor? I hope your issue got solved. If you have any issues regarding any step, then feel free to contact us.

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