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More Users On Twitter But Still Can’t Break The Ads Earnings Ceiling


So far, it looks like all major tech companies had a good quarter two compared to last year. As for Twitter it was mixed and results shows that the micro blogging site now has 313 monthly active users versus 213 million expected by analysts. Revenue stood at $602m.

Twitter hasn’t still been able to unlock its advert potentials in spite of recent changes made by comeback CEO Jack Dorsey. According to CNBC, Twitter remains confident that there will ” be a long-term shift away from desktop video to premium mobile environments” and that the company is “well-positioned to benefit from that shift.” It said, however, that “it will take time for marketers to understand the impact of video ads on mobile vs. the alternative.”

Twitter has made services like its live video service Periscope open to all and has hinged a couple of sports deals with the American National Basketball Association (NBA) for streaming and it’s not yet clear how the deals will affect future earnings as Google and Facebook continue to account for 31 percent and 12 percent of the global digital ads market.

Image Credit: Marketing Land

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