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Verkada Security Breach Revealed Thousands Of The Start-ups’ Client Data


…a cyberattack that is intended to test Verkada’s competence.

The United States finest home of technology, Silicon Valley, suffers another cyberattack, but this time the suspect is not anonymous. Verkada, a start-up company that offers cloud-based camera surveillance as a service, lost its defence to hackers, and roughly hundreds of thousands of customer’s data were tampered with by the perpetrators.

According to Bloomberg’s report on the Verkada security breach, they noted that exactly 150,000 cameras were accessed by the hackers, including the cameras in Cloudflare offices, hospitals, correctional facilities, schools, Equinox gyms, and cameras positioned in Tesla’s warehouse and factories — including the cameras stationed in Verkada’s office.

The perpetrators responsible for Verkada’s inconveniences identified themselves as a collection of international hackers. Meanwhile, Tillie Kottmann (the group member) noted that their actions were not intended to steal information or something worse than illegal.

Still, they intended to showcase the standard technology Verkada used in designing its surveillance camera. They discovered the software running Verkada’s service is not encrypted but easily accessible by unauthorized users. Accordingly, Verkada believes they accessed their entire customer-base video archives, in line with the live feed the hackers aired.

 “We have disabled all internal administrator accounts to prevent any unauthorized access,” in response to the hackers, Verkada’s spokesman told Bloomberg. “Our internal security team and external security firm are investigating the scale and scope of this potential issue.”

Verkada lost connection to the hacker’s live feed that infested their systems, as-well-as their archives of customers database. Meanwhile, the hackers came across top-level management access such as login details to Verkada’s systems in which the hackers claim they found on the net publicly; according to Bloomberg’s report,

The hackers channeled the little piece of information they found to control Verkada’s firewalls, such as the root access that controls their entire cloud-based camera systems. Just as it is expected of a typical hacker behavior, they infiltrate Verkada’s customer’s internal systems.

Before Verkada’s recent misfortune, they had a respectable status as the Silicon Valley company that utilizes the software-first approach to make security management seamless modernized. Verkada manages its services based on the cameras that are connected to its cloud facilities.

Meanwhile, Verkada’s security technology is designed with a cloud-based interface that allows their client to access its facial recognition software as-well-as monitor and account for their feeds.

Remember 2019, when the Verkada was sued for sexism and discrimination — a sales director tapped into the surveillance software company feed. He harassed a female co-worker with confidential content such as photographs that originated from the Verkada office’s security feeds.

According to Verkada’s chief executive, his sales director’s images were shared in a channel, and all the group participants faced the consequences of violating staff privacy.

According to the live feed the hackers shared with Verkada, they also noted that they also accessed their customer’s transactions as-well-as both Verkada and their client’s financial information.

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