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Voice Typing Comes To Google Docs Plus More Updates To Docs


Google has announced some “interesting” updates to Docs. Notable among them is the voice typing. You can now carry out voice dictation from Chrome and Dos mobile apps (Android and iOS). Another update to Google Docs is collaboration feature it calls “See New Changes” which now makes it easier to see the actual changes made by contributors or editors of files. You would have had to go through the whole document to see this before. There is also the “Explore Sheets” feature which automatically analyses data from spreadsheets for better and easier understanding.

There is the “Share to Classroom” extension for those who use Google Classroom from Chrome. This new feature makes it easier to teachers to send links to students in their classroom at once. I should point out that this is regardless of whatever machine students may be using at the time.

There you go, this is a quick breakdown of the new updates but please do visit the Google blog to read more.

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