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Infographic: How Can VoIP Enhance the Customer Experience?


VoIP technology has evolved enormously in recent years, with programs such as Skype becoming integral to the daily operation of many businesses. Those organizations which have already adopted VoIP systems can vouch for their value, as customer queries become far easier and quicker to handle, while internal communication has also been made much smoother, especially for businesses that have premises spread across the world.

In terms of customer service, VoIP provides a more convenient and all-round easier experience. When a customer approaches a company with their query, it is handled by the same staff member at all stages, rather than being passed from one person to the next. The person handling the query will be familiar with it and therefore be able to offer a sound resolution in a short timeframe. Also, VoIP enables customer support staff to be online from home as well as in the office, so queries can be handled at any time of the day.

One of the more common objections from customers ringing service desks is that they are directed to someone who is detached geographically as well as psychologically. VoIP uses toll-free localized numbers, which eliminates long-distance call charges for customers, and hence the company feels much more accessible to the customer.

Another benefit of VoIP is that it directs calls to where they should go at the first time of asking. Customers hate having their query being handed off to another person because the initial point of contact did not have the relevant expertise to answer the query. With VoIP, customers are given clearly-defined options from which to choose so that their first interaction with a human operative is properly directed.

Here we have an infographic from Paradyn which explains how VoIP can lead to an optimized customer experience, something that is crucial to the successful operation of any company, whether you’re a sole trader corner shop or a multibillion-dollar global enterprise.

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