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Facing Wi-Fi Issues In iOS 13?: Here are Some Quick Fixes


All over the world, people have expressed their frustration over iOS 13. Why is this the case? 

Suppose you have innocently upgraded your iPhone operating system to iOS 13. Suddenly, because of some unknown reason, Wi-Fi either stops working or develops technical problems!

Along with new features of iOS 13 brings many bugs with it. Such drawbacks are not new, especially when it comes to iOS 13. The latest updated software offered by Apple has been at the centre of considerable criticism, particularly in terms of Wi-Fi connectivity. This is a glaring problem, especially considering most features and applications on our iPhone devices require smooth Wi-Fi connectivity in order to function. 

Where’s my Wi-Fi?

Along with decreased battery life and the stoppage of iOS functions, Wi-Fi issues have plagued iPhone and iPad users who have recently updated to iOS 13. Some of the broad problems faced by iOS 13 users are compiled below: 

  • Wi-Fi getting disabled
  • Deceleration in internet browsing
  • Drops in Wi-Fi
  • Lack of internet connection

Prompting one to ask, ‘How do I beat these unwarranted problems after my upgrade?’ 

Fret not, because there are some easy solutions to the faulty Wi-Fi issues with iOS 13. Given below are some of the most important inputs with which you can troubleshoot your Wi-Fi problems with the latest iOS. 

Power cycling

First, you must check whether your network equipment (a modem and/or a router) is faulty. If so, you can be assured that all the devices connected with your equipment will suffer from internet-related problems. So, just check all your devices quickly!

If you find that your devices are ridden with poor connectivity, your network equipment has probably faced a firmware crash. The easy and efficient solution? Experts call in the power cycle of modems/routers. 

Start this cycle by pressing the power button on your modem/router and shutting it down. Then, you must unplug your modem’s/router’s AC adapter from its power source for a minute. This should be enough rest for your equipment, after which you can plug the adapter back to the power source. 

Thereafter, put the equipment on and wait for the Wi-Fi indicator to stabilize. Considering that your iPhone/iPad is configured to automatically connect to your Wi-Fi, open your default browser and test browse as many webpages as you can. This way, you can ensure that your connection is fit, fine and smooth. In the last step, download some apps from the online app store and check whether they are working properly. 

Reboot your iPhone 

In Apple’s defense, it is common for many devices to develop faults after you update the software system. Unfortunately, iOS 13 has not been able to escape such problems. So, if your iPhone apps are lagging after your latest update, just restart the Wi-Fi functioning of your device. 

To do this, first, turn off the Wi-Fi feature on your device. Then it’s time for what professionals call ‘soft reset’: reboot your device to erase any unwanted files and harmful temporary data you have accumulated via Wi-Fi. 

After rebooting, switch your Wi-Fi feature and connect back to your Wi-Fi network. If you succeed with test browsing, your problem is solved!

Firmware update

If the firmware of your router or modem has developed a bug, you must fix it by updating it right away. Plenty of users have reported that a firmware update was crucial to solving the Wi-Fi issues with iOS 13. 

Disable your VPN

If you activate your Wi-Fi through a VPN app, try and disable the same and see if it wards off your Wi-Fi troubles. Indeed, VPN is a common barrier to seamless Wi-Fi as pointed out by user data. 

Rekindling with your Wi-Fi: Forget and add it back

After your update to iOS 13, your network may have been corrupted. As a result, your device’s wireless features might have encountered problems and failed to work properly. In that case, you should delete your Wi-Fi network before setting up a fresh network. 

If required, you can also erase other Wi-Fi networks you have saved on your device. Thereafter, ‘soft reset’ your device and after you turn it back on, switch on the Wi-Fi feature. Following this, connect to the Wi-Fi and check all the available networks on your phone. Connect to the network of your choice and behold, smooth Wi-Fi again!

Airplane Mode trick

Believe it or not, turning your device’s Airplane Mode on and off can instantly solve your Wi-Fi woes. While your Airplane Mode is on, reboot (soft reset) your device to and ensure that its internal memory is refreshed. 

After your device has been rebooted, simply turn the Airplane Mode off. Thereafter, switch on your Wi-Fi. Connect to your Wi-fi network and test browse to check whether the signal is back.

Every software update brings its own pros and cons. Although the Wi-Fi issues of iOS 13 are recurrent, the simple pointers mentioned above will let you overcome this issue in a matter of a few minutes. Say hello to great internet again!


Author Bio:

Jainish Vora is Author at Phoneier. Having experience with 5 years of writing about phones and other gadgets. He loves to explore and write different gadgets from android phones to wearable gadgets.

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