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With Nintendo Switch App, Parents Can Control Just About Anything On The Console


Now that we know when the Nintendo Switch will be available, Nintendo also wants you to know that they have put some parental control features in place so that you can still go ahead and buy the console for your “gamer” teen.

They will be launching an app on smart devices that will allow parents/guardians to set controls on the family’s console. The app will let parents customise play times and when a player reaches their limit, there will be a notification on the screen and if they ignore it, parents can choose to remotely suspend the player which means you won’t be able to even play any game for the rest of the day.

In addition to this, a parent can decide which game(s) kids can play and what they can share on social media. It looks like Nintendo is endearing itself to the parents who may have to bring out the $299.99 needed to buy the Switch console in the first place before its 3rd of March launch date. No one wants their kids to spend the whole day playing games hence the limit from a just the push of an app setting. There is also the feature that allows you restrict what games kids can buy from the Nintendo store online as well.

They also mentioned an app that would allow users connect their Switch consoles for online chat but there’s nothing much on that just yet. I’m guessing we’ll learn more about this later and when we do, we’ll bring it to you.

See Nintendo’s YouTube Channel for more on their Switch announcements

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