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You Can Upgrade To iOS 9 From Today And Here’s What To Expect When You Do

Paul Balo

Today is the day iOS 9 comes to us. Now here’s what to expect when you upgrade to the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system. Its free by the way just in case you were wondering.

The Apple News App

This News App service will work something similar to Flipboard. We are now hearing that it will be launched with over 50 publishers. Apple already has a stock market app which you can use to monitor stocks and important stock market reports from top channels like CNBC and Bloomberg. Just like Flipboard, you would be able to read stories you care about.

Upgrade to Maps

We can remember just like yesterday when Apple decided to drop the Google Map service on its devices just to replace it with its own. At launch, it was a disaster a there were reports of widespread misdirection. Put simply, it wasn’t a smooth launch and transition for millions of users who were already used to the Google Map. In iOS 9 though, you can now see public transport details if you live in select cities. It will pinpoint nearest bus stops.

iCloud Drive

If you use an Apple product, you probably have an iCloud account even if you didn’t know. There’s going to be an in-built iCloud Drive app which lets you search for your files in a more organised way. You can search for your files by date and name now. You can now organise your entire collections from the app.


In iPad, there’s going to be multitasking. This is currently obtainable on Android tablets like Samsung tablets where you can carry out different tasks in different windows. How this is just being launched on Apple’s iPads beats me though because it’s always been an “obvious limitation. Well this is a classic case of better late than never.

With the new operating system, iPad users can now open other app in a separate window without having to close the previous one. Videos can now be moved to the corner of the screen while working on something else.


iOS 9 launch

It means apps can now run side-by-side, while video can be swiped away so it sits in the corner of the screen while you work on something else.

Other updates include improved battery life improvement, improved on-screen search which is usually accessed by swiping right from the Home Page. When you search now, you’ll see a pre-populated search bar which includes apps, contacts , stories among others.

Lastly, in this era of cross platform services, a new app allows Android users to wirelessly transfer contacts, photos and even mail accounts to an Apple mobile device.

To upgrade to iOS 9, follow these steps on your iPhone or iPad.

Settings>General>Software update>accept Apple’s terms and conditions and follow the instructions. This download and install process may take some time which depends on the strength of your network. As usual your device may restart during such processes.

Lastly, if you’re not able to do this, you may be using an older version of iPhone or iPad which may not be compatible with the new OS. I believe users from the iPhone 4S model should be able to do this.

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