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Your Content Marketing Strategy Could Be Failing Without You Knowing – Here’s What Needs To Be Done


Are your traffic rates low?

Have you had an unusually high bounce rate?

Is your content strategy failing?

Many entrepreneurs and businesses don’t realize when their content strategy isn’t working anymore. Just like the world of business is very dynamic, so is content. The audience and customers are always looking for something new, and a dearth of it could result in your business’s loss.

When your bounce rates begin to rise and conversions begin to fall, it’s time to revamp your content strategy. So what does it take to create a bulletproof marketing strategy? How can you revive your content plan?

Focus On SEO

Search Engine Optimization was designed to improve ranking, authenticity, performance and other important factors for businesses. By incorporating SEO components in your content, whether it’s a video, article, blog and even social media, your content strategy is going to skyrocket to success.

SEO components like keywords, layout, call-to-actions, to name a few, help search engines to index your content. These components also help your content to gain more visibility because they show up in a larger pool of search results – and this means more traffic, better conversion rates and improved rapport!

Not just that, but using SEO components in your content also helps your content to establish your brand as an authority on the subject, which further improves your rankings and brand’s reputation!

Here’s what on-page factors look like:

  • Multimedia
  • Text Format
  • Readability
  • Responsive Design
  • Outbound Links
  • Internal Links
  • Website speed
  • Keywords
  • Alt Text
  • Meta Information

Here’s what off-page factors look like:

  • Social Networking
  • Blogging
  • Link Building
  • Influencer Marketing

Check Out the Latest Trends

Sometimes, your content strategy may be failing because it’s not in line with the latest trends. The audience has dynamic taste – which means likes, dislikes and preferences change according to the fluctuating trends.

In order to make sure that your content is relevant, research trends that are popular with your targeted audience and curate content that incorporates relevant information. Producing content that pertains to redundant topics won’t sell, so it’s extremely important to stay on top of the trends.

You could also check out your competitor’s content and see how their ranking compares to yours. That should give your content team a good idea about what the most liked and most engaging trends currently are.

Try Dabbling In Guest Blogging

Another way to revamp your traffic rates and jumpstart your content strategy is to try out guest blogging. Guest blogging is a great way to make your brand image, content and business motto available to a very large audience.

Besides, all you have to do is produce high quality content and the host website puts it up for an already established and recurrent audience. With guest blogging, you can draw more traffic to your content and your brand can gain more visibility, which will in turn improve its image in the said industry.

Create Sharable Content

A failing content strategy could also be due to content that isn’t being shared forward. The idea of creating high quality content is to entice the audience to share it forward so that more people become aware of your business’s existence and you attract more traffic.

Shareable content doesn’t only have to look good, but it also has to evoke emotions. It has to convince the reader that it’s a reliable and great source of information so that they use it in other sources and share it forward. Simply put, when your content is shared by your readers, you know it’s a great piece.

In a nutshell, content that’s shareable and has the penchant to go viral consists of the following:

  • Emotive Material
  • Practicality
  • Moving Stories
  • Reference To Trends
  • Powerful Writing
  • Engaging Narrative

Make Email Sign Ups Attractive

Another great way to revive your content strategy is to consider email marketing. According to research, email marketing has been a very popular way for businesses to increase personal engagement with their customers and also improve conversion rates.

Curate emails that compel the receivers to follow through with the desired actions like signing up or downloading a newsletter or pamphlet. By curating emails that look personalized and help to empower the reader, you’re well on your way to improving your metrics.

Collaborate With Influencers

Did you know that influencer marketing has become a big trend? Yes! Successful corporations and businesses collaborate with influencers to increase their outreach and visibility. Influencers have become a powerful tool – they have trustability, rapport and a large following.

Incorporate influencers in your content strategy. Whether it’s in videos, clips or textual content, include influencers in your new campaign. Your business is going to gain popularity and recognition, and many of the new customers you amass will be motivated to perform the desired action, like shopping at your online store!

Monitor Your Content’s Success and Metrics

Tracking your metrics is also important. When you begin to revamp your content strategy, be vigilant of the metrics. They give you a good idea about what types of content and information are popular with your audience and what topics are a fail.

By measuring metrics, you’ll be able to optimize your strategy, do damage control and improve on many aspects of your content marketing strategy. So be wary when it comes to the technical side of your content – metrics give you the complete picture of success. For example, the following metrics are important:

  • Traffic
  • Social shares
  • New Visitors
  • Click Through Rate
  • Bounce Rate
  • Conversion Rate
  • Back Links
  • Engagement (comments)
  • Time Spent On Page

Hire Content Writers

Another foolproof way to revamp your failing marketing strategy is to incorporate professional help. In fact, many businesses outsource their content needs to content writing services or hire content writers for their in-house teams.

 Research has observed that content that is written professionally checks-off all off the SERP checklists and helps your content to rank better across the internet. On top of that, professional writers and content writing services are privy to the changing trends and can curate content that is bankable.


Content is king – and many businesses have revamped their operations using content marketing strategies that have been meticulously crafted.

So what are you waiting for? You have the solution to salvage your content marketing campaign – try these powerful tips to bolster your content strategy for great returns!

Author’s Bio: Dave is a content writer at a content writing firm. He specializes in branding, advertising and promotional material for social startups. In his free time, he takes his dog Bullet on road trips and dabbles in amateur cooking.

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